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Motivation Marketing Who Needs It?

Quick Word From Susan

Motivation Marketing Who Needs It?

Motivation marketing is needed by those that utter the statement above. Of course, I am sure you don't know anyone that feels this way...

motivation marketing

I would guess anyone that has been a marketer very long at all has at one time felt this way even if they might not have uttered those words.

The answer to who needs motivation marketing is everyone in marketing. Can you see where knowing this is a big benefit to you?

I know many will say, "Yes, Susan I do see how that could build my business if I grab those people and motivate them to join my business. I could get lots of sign ups."

Well yes, you could look at it that way however, how long do you think it will take for those people to realize that you really don't care about them?

How long before they feel once again like they have been used? This will make you a user. I really don't think you want that reputation do you?

No of course not.

Motivation marketing, has more to do with who you are than with how many sign ups you get. However, you will find that the sign ups you get with this type of marketing are golden.

You can't give a person a hug and then kick them and still expect them to like you. If you use motivation marketing to just gain sign ups that is about what it boils down to and...

It won't work!

When you do marketing this way you need to concentrate on the person and that person's problems helping them solve the problem. Not cause them more problems.

  • Does it matter if they are going to sign up with you? No!
  • Does it matter if they are not in your business? No!
  • Do you expect something in return? No!

You do it just because "That is who you are" that's it's that's all.

Don't slam the door on the little old lady just because she didn't leave you her fortune.

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Susan J. Boston

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  • Active Member

    Hi Carolyn,

    Thank you so much! :)

  • I agree, Susan. Most people don't know the term, but they know the concept. It all goes with the mindset of helping other people regardless of anything you may gain from them. Like you said, it's just who you are. Great post!

  • Active Member

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you so much for your comment and insight. I agree with you you do have to reach out and help before you reach out to profit. If people would look at some of the six figure earnings on here they are not the ones spamming every one or just throwing out links. They are the ones that reach out and help others first.

    Again thank you for your comment,


  • To succeed you have to show you care about the person not the number. The old adage that you only understand someone when you have walked a mile in their shoes is all about empathy and listening before talking. You will have more success, more sales and more fun if you reach out and help befor you reach out to profit.

  • Active Member

    HI Merle,

    Thank you for your comment. :)


  • Great post Susan and so true what you say in your video.

  • Active Member

    Hi Sandy,

    Thank you for the comment :) and sharing


  • Excellent article on Motivational Marketing.  A great need.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.  Paying it Forward.

  • Thanks for putting this into words, Susan.  It is exactly how I feel.  Helping people, doing the right thing, doing something for others and expecting nothing in return ...that's what it should be about...not getting 10 signups a day.  I'll share this so more will see.

  • Active Member

    Hi Terri,

    Thank you for your comment and sharing :) Yes we are problem solvers. I think much like when others join you in a business they have to know like and trust you before they believe in you enough to LET you solve their problems. I know many are looking over their shoulder saying "What's the catch" I know I've done this and I'm sure others do as well.

    Motivational marketing is just a way to build trust in your relationshisp and is also why it works. Thank you again for for commenting and sharing.


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