Nature takes care of us in abundance.

                         Experiencing Daily Abundance       

Abundance very from one person to the next based on what is there goals. My experience of abundance happened a few days ago while doing one of my daily routines. It began when I headed out of the house to around 6.15 am to start my daily walk. My first gift of abundance is seeing how nature gives us everything that we need. 

This particular morning, on opening my front door to my surprise I did not see the early dawn sun making its appearance between the trees. The early sun expels one of the most energic energies, which feels so welcoming to start my day. Instead,  I received the blessing of some raindrops and a cloudy sky.  With the clouds expressing, it was going to stick around for a while. As a human being, we tend to experience a sense of discomfort when there is a shift in our routine or comfort zone. Nature always takes care of us abundantly and gives us what is needed at any given time.

As I made my way to the destination opening my arms excepting the cleansing of the raindrops renewing my being. It was the best feeling ever accepting the abundance of what nature is offering instead of resistance. When we stay present that is the most precious gifts we receive. While on the tracks walking and enjoying the which kept me cool. There are a family of seven pigeons, three robins and two seagulls who visit the park at the same time. We have created a friendship and respect for each other. They are normally eating the leaf overs of food particles on the ground. This morning with the rain waking up everything that was asleep the birds were lying on their stomach with their wings spread out as a fan enjoying the puddles of water, welcoming every droplet of rain rolling from there smooth velvet like feathers.

Then enters the men who roam the streets of my neighborhood picking up bottles. There are three men who appear at different intervals while my presence is in the park. We would be cordial to each other with a nod, smile or good morning depending on the moment. To my surprise, although the area is not enormous each person will gather a significant amount of empty bottles, even though each of the men walked in the same direction at different times. This proved to me how the universe takes care of each one of us. There will always be an abundance of supply for each and every one of our needs.

I share my inner being Camille Cameron.

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    I can appreciate your post today on daily abundance. We all have it everyday to enjoy the creations and beauty by almighty God. It is wonderful to observe God's creations all around us. It is easy for so many people to overlook the things we see daily and don't see it. People are so busy with their daily routines ( jobs, errands, etc.) to sit back and look at the gracious beauty of the earth. Thank you for the reminder Camille. 

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