Network Marketing Recruiting: How to Prospect A Total Stranger

 Network Marketing Recruiting

Increase the success of your network marketing recruiting by learning how to share your business opportunity with total strangers.



As online marketers we get comfortable hiding behind a computer, prospecting behind the cloak of Facebook, Twitter and our Blogs. But, to become a true recruiting machine online there will be times where you will have to get out from behind the curtain, step outside of your comfort zone, and actually talk to prospects on the phone that you do not know.

Shocking but true…

As you are building a network marketing business (online or offline) you want to have a team that is willing to engage and talk to people instead of pushing links to presentation overviews.

People join opportunities not because of the products or compensation plans, but because they truly feel the person they collaborate with in business can help them achieve their goals.

Here are three of the most important steps to prospecting a total stranger:

Step 1 – Pique there interest. People in the industry are pitched all the time, sometimes to the point where they miss a great opportunity because they are so quick to dismiss it as “just another person pitching me their business”.

Asking people questions, following up with light chitchat, and leading into piquing a prospects interest is an art – something that most people don’t have the patience or tact to use. So here is an example of how to pique a prospects curiosity and open the door to see if they are even open to reviewing a new stream of income:

Script -

“Just throwing this out there, but would you be open to doing something on the side that doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?

I’m just curious to see if you keep your options open when it comes to making money.”

If the prospect says yes, and is open to the idea, you can reply with a clarifying question such as this one:

“So, just out of curiosity, why would you be open to making extra income from home?”

This is a great question because number one you haven’t pitched anything to them, and you now know WHY they may be interested in building their own home based business.

Lastly, instead of sharing all the great things your opportunity can do for them, let your tools and resources do the work. Take a step back and open up the door for the tools to qualify your prospect. This will do two things – 1) allow you to talk to more people, and 2) it will allow you to determine just how serious someone is about your type of business.

Remember, not everyone is going to be a good fit for your company – so before you spend your precious time telling your prospect everything there is to know about how wonderful your company and products are – let them tell you they are interested first. This step is crucial and will save you a lot of heartache.

So here is how you can direct someone to your tools:

“That sounds great, well hey, I am heading into a conference call right now, but let me get your number and email address, and I will send you some information.”

Once you grab their contact information – this is the time to end the conversation and ask them,“When would be a good time to get back with you?”

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to prospect total strangers with ease. Prospecting, while it may seem scary, is simply about knowing what to say. Use the resources you have available to reach the people you bring into your business and these same resources will weed out the unqualified candidates without wasting their time or yours.

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