network marketing tips image 1There are so many different strategies out there to build your business online and offline. So many business owners try many strategies and if the results don't come in right away, most Quit and move on to the next. In this blog post I'm going to help you understand how long you should stay doing a strategy before moving on the next.

There is a big Myth that a lot of strategies don't work anymore such as Post Card Marketing, Drop Cards, Offline Marketing, One on One Meetings, Hotel Meetings, Job Fairs etc etc etc. One of the reasons why I say it's a Myth because there is always someone that is doing great with that particular strategy. You will always find a few people that are very successful at any business marketing the way they do. Why is that?

Most feel Network Marketing today should be done online but again, Most people fail at online marketing such as: FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, Video Marketing, SEO, Article Marketing etc etc etc. With so much training out there on the internet and in book stores, are all the trainings Wrong? Do they all want people to just buy courses and Fail because they are getting the wrong information?

Believe it or not but most information that is out there teaching you how to market online or offline are very good courses. The problem that most Network Marketers face is that they don't apply everything that is taught. They only apply some things, what's comfortable, to do that particular strategy. Let me give you an example, with video marketing there are a few steps you need to do to rank the video on Google. You need to grab a Keyword that people are looking for, build a video around that Keyword, or you can build a Keyword around a video, write content, adjust captions, then syndicate it. This process can take up to an hour or more to get this done but most won't do the necessary steps to get the results.

It's so easy to blame the information given than it is to actually do the work to get the results you looking to get. The problem is not information given to complete a strategy, it's some Network Marketers trying to take the easy way out. Also when most have chosen a strategy to use, they don't stay with it long enough in order for it to work.

You must plant the seed then cultivate it every single day in order for it to grow. A strategy might take 30 - 90 days before you see plant a seedany results but it takes commitment and consistent daily action in order to get results. You cannot do some of the work here and there such as: 2 days this week, 5 days next week, 6 days the following week, and so on and so on. In order to see results in any strategy you must take the daily actions steps every single day for at least 90 days before you consider jumping into another strategy.

Last you must stick to what you think you are good at and stick with it until you have Mastered it. Far to many business owners want to take on too many strategies and become overwhelmed and wonder why they are not getting results. It's better to get 100% out of 1 strategy at a time then it is to get 5-10% out of a few different strategies. Once you have Mastered a strategy then you should consider moving into the next one and don't forget to set daily goals to achieve them consistently.



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