Carolyn Coleman-Grady RN, BSN, PHN

Patients are often overwhelmed with medical treatment and services. When patients become overwhelmed with health care decisions nurses will help and advocate for patients and their families. Nurses are challenged daily to meet the needs of many but they remain loyal and provide extraordinary care including education on sensitive subjects related to end-of-life issues and stem cell research. What is extraordinary about nurses is their ability to instill hope in patients experiencing difficult decisions. Nurses have learn how to separate their individual beliefs, customs, and traditions because of the nursing oath which states we support and protect patients from all harm.

How does a nurse embrace the decisions made by patients and still maintain their own beliefs. We stand for patients because it is the ethical and right thing to do. Patient with chronic disabilities like neurological disabilities, spinal cord injuries type two diabetes just to name a few who's desire a better quality of life need to understand their health care options. Nurses are instrumental through the art of education. Informing patients on their rights and freedoms to choice and make health care decisions.

It is important that nurses release their patients to feel free to make decisions . The key is to support and guide, listen and answer questions truthfully. Nurses are responsible for instructing patients on inform consents, and what to look for when choosing stem cell facilities. Patients need to know stem cell facilities with high quality standards and that follow guidelines protocols and the law established by by the National Institution of Health, and the Health and Human services. Patients need to understand their rights to receive donors that are not defected, understand share of cost and receive honest information. Patients need to know that most insurance companies don't cover this high technology. 

Patients deserve to exercise their autonomy with  nursing support. Nurses are expected to have fidelity and provide patients with accurate honest information.

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  • Thank you Terri. I agree with you. A sensitive subject but one worth healthy dialogue.

  • Top Member

    This is very informative Carolyn, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all. Your experience in the field qualifies you as an expert. This is information that people must read for their own good health on the subject of stem cell.

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