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Sharing Randy's Plexus Testimony

PLEXUS hummm, could this be the product that changes our life? Is this the one that could work for Kim? Can we really cont on this company for our income and weight loss . These are things that were racing thru my mind in October of 2012.

My Testimony is one unlike most. This testimony is about a husband slowly watching his wife fade away . It's a chain of events that happened over a course of 13 years. after our daughter was born Kim found it hard to lose the baby weight. She also was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I watch her go into a deep depression over the next few years and the medications she was on put the weight on her. Then came my son, she put on 70 pounds on top of what she was gaining. She had been complaining about hurting all over for a few years before this but I thought it was just the weight she had put on. It had gotten to where it was had for her to move around all day. After the birth of our son the weight kept going up. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it got so bad she would cry herself to sleep from the pain. For those of you who know Kim when she walks into a room it would light up. But no more, the pounds kept coming 5 here 10 there. The depression got worse and she lost the desire to do anything. The Bipolar caused her to not be able to work around people. She went from job to job coming home begging not to have to go to work the next day. Then Sleep Apnea set in and my nights became days and my days were my days (Spouses out there that have laid awake waiting for your loved one to quit breathing so you can nudge them when they stop breathing only to wait for the next time they need you. Only you would understand.) Well the machine came in and watching my wife having to put that mask on to live through the night in her early 40s was the worst.

We tried every diet you could think of thousands and thousands of dollars for nothing lose 5 gain 10 lose 10 gain 10 back nothing worked. The depression, weight gain, Fibromyalgia and Sleep Apnea all compiling while our children were growing up. It was hard, one time we went to Six Flags and the kids were just tall enough to ride the coasters. We got on some but others Kim couldn't ride she was too big. Another time we went to the mountains and was going to climb stairs to get to the top of the Falls. Kim could not walk across the parking lot more less up the steps. The kids never knew any different mom would be red in the face, having trouble breathing and depressed. MY GOD why was our family having to go through this. I felt like this was the beginning of the end. The love of my life was slowly dieing right in front of me and there was nothing I could do. Her blood pressure was off the chart all of the time.

Then!!!!!!!!!! Don't you just love that word. Let me say it again. Then!!!!!!!! Man that feels good. Hope was on it's way. You see while I was lieing awake at night with tears in my eyes watching the love of my life struggle to sleep through the night, there was a small group of people spreading the word about a product that was helping people across the nation lose weight and feel better. Day after day these people kept pushing their products and sharing with anyone who would listen. I'm sure they had struggles but they kept going and sharing this product. (I like to think GOD kept telling them "Keep Going... Kim needs you") 2010 they kept going, 2011 they kept going, 2012 what a year, Kim made it to a number she NEVER wanted to see. She came to me in August of 2012 and said she wanted Gastric Bypass Surgery, my heart broke. We talked for a while about it, exercise was a nogo the Fibromyalgia was so bad she could hardly walk across the room.

October 2012 , Kim came to me and said a dear friend of ours had a product called PLEXUS and she was losing weight and had lots of energy. (Epinephrine) was for a while the only thing that would give us energy. So, here we go again another diet that won't work and that cost us an arm and leg. She will try it for a while then be done. As always I was willing to try anything for and with her. By this time i had put on 25 extra pounds and diagnosed with fatty liver disorder. Kim called our friend  to check into the product. No way would this work, but we believed in our friend so, we met her to get a 7 day. Day 1 was great for her not real hungry and had some energy. Day 2 was the same. Day 3 Kim lost 2 pounds, i was curious about the business and got the compensation plan from our friend. I went on an out-of-town trip and studied the compensation plan on the plane trip. It was day 7 for Kim and when i called her she said "RANDY I'M DOWN 6 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK!!! I think this is it." My heart was pounding and i told her we had to talk as soon as i got home (She thought I wanted a divorce or something.) NO, it's this company i can't hardly sit still with the excitement over the compensation plan. It was an over night trip so, when i got home  I told Kim either she joins or I was. She joined and we both got started on PLEXUS. The next year, something happened that was not short of GOD's miracle. (You see GOD told them to keep going, Kim needed them. Thank you PLEXUS for being my families angel.)

The next things that happened hit me little by little. We saw Kim drop two pants sizes and her Fibromyalgia was not as bad. Then while at National Convention 2013, while it was still hard for her to walk around she was able to walk 3/4 a mile to the hotel where the meeting was, she lost 7 pounds that week. It was amazing! Then the X-Factor and Fast Relief Nerve Support was released. Wow, what a boost and the weight started coming off. Also the Sleep Apnea was gone!! I was sleeping through the night again. Her blood pressure, is normal. The Fibromyalgia is all but gone. Then something happened... One afternoon I parked midway up the lot at Walmart. It started to rain, my wife and daughter got out of the truck Kim grabed my daughter's had and started to RUN to the door. I stopped in the truck and started to cry. That was it all those years of pain and suffering. Praise GOD for the first time in 14 years my wife was running, for the first time in my daughter's life who is 13 saw her mother run.

To see my wife now the light shines once again. She is down more than 50 pounds and 8 pants sizes. She still has more to go but her determination is contagious. Being Bipolar she stand and front of meeting scared to death, but knows if she can help one person change like she has it is all worth it. To say thank you Plexus it is not enough. God bless you Plexus, you have changed at least one families life. 

Thank you for reading, God Bless
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