Preachers Who Practice What They Preach

Preachers are here to guide us in the right directions to the Lord. When it comes to growing with the Lord I want to listen to a preacher who practices what he preaches. 

I have met a preacher who also has a machanic shop and he does people wrong when working on their cars. To me that is not a good christian man. There for I will not go to his church. My relative who introduced me to him told me well we all have to make a living. Well to me a Preacher is our teacher. He should be doing right to show us the way to live. 

I have met a great Preacher. He practices what he preaches. He is a strong preacher and wants to show everyone the way we should live. That to me is a true preacher.

My pastor is the only preacher in Oklahoma that listened to me when I said I would like to get baptized and get closer with the Lord. I have another preacher she is very good and helps guide me in the right direction I should go to get closer with the Lord. 

I have alot of respect for preachers who teach us the right ways to live. They should be an example of how we should be. I will never say my preachers first names. 

In the bible it says we are to give our preachers respect at all times. So I make sure I do when Im around my preachers and other preachers. 

The bible says we can not be good and evil. This is my point in this PR not judging at all. 

There are other preachers who do not do right by God. I'm not judging but my point is you should not preach if your doing wrong yourselves. 

One group who say they are preachers but they are false teachers they video you while your with them and listen to your prayers then go to you and tell you the Lord is going to bring whatever you were praying about into your life. When they lie to you how they got that msg that is a false prophet. I never thought they were around but I met some and I got away from them. They told me I either stay only with them or I couldn't come around. I will go where the truth is. 

Another person says he's a preacher but yet he spends all his money in the casino and he lies about women. If a woman talks to him he tell everyone he is sleeping with her. If he preaches I will walk out the door. 

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Thank You and God Bless
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  • Thank you All for reading, have a great week

  • Great post DeAnn, thanks for sharing.
  • Thanks for sharing, DeAnn.

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    DeAnn enjoyed reading your post. Very soon we shall have paradise on earth. Rev. 21:4 tells us what it will be like in the new system - paradise on earth.

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