Rethinking the Word Sales – It’s Not a Dirty Word

What comes to mind for you when you think of the word sales?

Rethinking The Word 'Sale'

Rethinking The Word ‘Sale’

Write it down. Write everything that comes to mind down.


This is the first step in moving you forward in your sales career….oops, I mean BUSINESS!


But, let’s face it – your business IS about sales, no matter what you do. And, that is a brilliant thing.

We all sell every day. We’ve been selling from the moment we were born into this world. We just don’t typically think of it as sales because we aren’t always looking for people to take out their wallet. But, we sure do want them to do SOMETHING that is on our agenda.

Here are some tips to remember to become the best you can be at sales, without becoming “that” sales person that is a turn off. (And, you know what I mean!)

The best sales people in the world are friendly, outgoing and they strive to make friends before they ever begin to make a sale. And, they remain friendly whether or not a sale ever happens.

The best sales people strive to find common ground with everyone they meet. This could be the city where they live, or are from; schools; sports; or any number of things that we might share in common with others. There is strength in building rapport.

The best sales people remain relaxed, at all times. They allow things to unfold normally and naturally. They have heart to heart conversations and listen without their own agenda always being in the forefront.  They take note of what other people want …..

The best sales people ask questions, and truly honor the other person by listening.

The best sales people work to create an atmosphere where the other person is excited and wants to buy.

The ultimate answer to the question – what is the best way to make a sale – is that there is no “one best way.”  There is no magic script, handshake that makes the sale instantly happen.

One of the best questions you can ask is – “Joe, what comes to mind when you think of moving your business forward?”

Then, listen and find out how to become the solution to that answer!


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  • Thank you Sandy appreciate your comment.  Have a great Sunday.

  • Thank you Terri appreciate all you do and enjoy your Sunday.

  • Such a great PR, Merle.  You are so right that all our businesses are based on sales.  I have been selling (there's that word) since the early 80s and have made lifelong friends because every sale was based on the relationship that had been built. Blessings!

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