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Seniorisms by LMW, My Hat's Off To, Patch Adams

I'm a recovering alcoholic who has enjoyed
sobriety for 30 years because I learned about acceptance, gratitude & the God of my understanding, aided by the people I met along the way in AA... Because I was serious about making that life change, though I've seen some really tough times, it never occurred to me to take a drink... I learned that I must substitute some old ways with new ideas & practice them until I get them right... I needed to find something to do with this extra time I now had...

After much inspiration, I discovered the right path for me... I studied & became an award-winning clown at 50 years old...


I'm now 80! My how time flies when you're having fun! I believe in God Nudges, that's when He does something to make you pay attention to the lesson He wants you to learn...

All these children in the movie were terminally ill cancer patients in the Make a Wish program...
Having been a long time Robin Williams fan, I felt the need to watch his film, Patch Adams, after which I felt the need to contact the real Patch Adams, having taken up clowning myself... Since Patch answers all of his mail in longhand his response wasn't immediate... I was delightfully surprised one day when I received a copy of his #1 Best Selling book, Gesundheit, included on the inside was a very nice personal inscription ending with, “Stay Goofey, Linda!” I will admire this man for what he does to help people but in all these years has never charged a penny for his services... Now, that's my kind of Doctor whose Specialty is Empathy!

So long 'til next time!

Linda Michel White

Let's make it an awesome year from
my little corner of the world to yours!

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I am an 80 year old, Extraordinarily Happy Networker, Senior Blogger and Mentor in Training... I have 30 years of personal development and recovery under my belt... I'm a firm believer in one is never too old to learn...

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    This is so well done, well put together, and from the heart, thank you, Linda.
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    Thank you Linda for sharing your history and experiences with us. I applaud your strength and the acceptance of God's help. He is almighty for us when we let him.
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      You are so welcome, Terri... I received my strength after I learned to ask for His help with my problem... Because of His help I now practice extraordinary happyness & gratitude... :D
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    What can I say? ... except "Stay goofey, Linda!"
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