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Welcome Home Dear Vietnam Veteran!


Welcome Home

Dear Vietnam Veteran!

My late husband inspired me to write the
following poem as a tribute for all of the
Vietnam Veterans who never got a
Welcome Home when they came back
from serving “In Country”. I had it
copyrighted, two copies are in
The Library of Congress because it’s
been published, The Vietnam Veterans
Motorcycle Club, took it to
Washington D.C for Rolling Thunder.,
& had a copy installed in
The Smithsonian Institute,
a copy has been put on display in
The National Naval Museum at
The Naval Air Station in
Pensacola, Florida.
Please do share this with any veterans
that you may know who would like a
copy, and please do leave a comment .


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Welcome Home Dear Vietnam Veteran

narrated by my friend, 
Microdac on Vimeo.

My Tribute to You Dear Vietnam Veteran!
Your feelings run so deep,
you’re so afraid to let them show.
Life has hurt you more than most, yet you’ve survived blow after blow.
Encouraged by your family, you did what was thought right.
You joined the U. S. Armed Forces Team, caught in the patriotic fight.
You soon learned all too late, there were no morals over there.
But you fought the fight anyway, for a government that didn’t care.
You were taught how to survive, and you learned your lessons well,
For you had to catch on quickly to survive your time in hell.
Importance was placed upon you, a kind you’d never known.
Not by chance, but sense of duty, you took the fight to be your own.
Earning medals and honors for a way of life accepted
By those who had no fear of death, and those who’d been selected.
Sweet innocence was lost forever, replaced by guilty feelings.
Justified madness ruled the land, and left all people reeling.
Known to be, “In Country”, too much to comprehend.
No one should have to bear this. It’s too hard to understand.
You learned to hide that sweet young soul, and some became addicted
To alcohol, and drugs, then reason was evicted.
Thought to be a sense of duty, was fueled by pride and lust,
‘til all was lost that you’d been taught, even, “In God We Trust”.
How could He be somewhere that killing was encouraged?
What a sense of being all alone, not hard to get discouraged.
Sweetness replaced by bitterness towards a disgusting human race,
Loyalty to those held close in this God forsaken place.
Fears became a way of life, unlike any others,
Where a soul became childlike again, strangers became brothers.
You carry it with you everywhere, all grief, and pain you hide,
Afraid to share what happened there, just too much held inside.
Please God, if you’re there, let people understand,
Why I did those things expected to satisfy the greedy needs
of leaders well respected.
Fools they were until the end, they couldn’t cease what they’d begun.
They left us all just devastated with a war we never could have won.
They should try to make it up to you for all that you have lost,
But that goal they’ll never reach, there’s just too high a cost.
I’ll end this with the sweetest thought;
you’re always in my prayers,
And though your faith’s diminished, I know God always cares.
He created keen sense, and skill that helped keep you alive.
He helped you to develop these so that you could survive.
I respect your strength, and courage, above the call of duty.
I’ve never known anyone like you; you’re so very special to me.
You never got a heroes welcome, like warriors in the past,
Though the years have come and gone,
I wish you welcome home at last.
Better late than never, that you may heal more every day.
This is only possible if you don’t let pride get in the way.
It’s time to gain strength from those who care,
and let them help you mend.
You can heal if you’ll only reach out to those who try to understand.
It’s time to be grateful for us who show we care.
Be happy, and be thankful just to know that we are here.
We appreciate all that you have sacrificed,
and all that you have given.
Let the turmoil end, put bloodshed behind,
and get on with life and living.
I make this offer to you, and hope that you will use it,
For each of us involved will be the ones to benefit.
There is love in this world, and it’s up to us to do our part,
If you’ll just try, accept it, and give us a chance to warm your heart.
Know in your heart that you are loved, and let these forsaken feelings pass.
Please take comfort in this thought, and enjoy that you are truly home at last!

My love and gratitude to you for always,
Bill W., “Papa Duck” for your inspiration!
Linda Lee Michel
Linda Michel White
“Mama Duck”
Please feel free to share this with any &
all veterans who might like a copy…

Signing off 'til next time this is,
Linda Michel White
LMW stands for
"Like My Website"
Extraordinarily Happy Networker
& Senior Blogger

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I am an 82 year old, Extraordinarily Happy Networker, Senior Blogger and Mentor in Training... I have 31 years of personal development and recovery under my belt... I'm a firm believer in one is never too old to learn... I've progressed from selfishly mourning the loss of my friend, Tom Barabas to celebrating his very accomplished life and that made me feel better... He brought so much beauty and pleasure into so many lives with his music... You can see more of his music videos on

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  • Top Video Contributor

    Thank you, Linda, for this beautiful tribute.  Viet Nam vets were treated so poorly, I am glad that public opinion changed.  


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     Thank you, Dave Clarke, (Microdac) for breathing life into my creation...  It had been gathering dust over in my computer all these years...  You did a nice job with it...  You are a true friend...  :D  

  • Top Commentor

    A beautiful tribute Linda. Viet Nam was among the saddest of wars.  Even though all wars are horrific.  I was young when it was happening, I actually remember coming home from elementary school and watching the fighting on the Evening news.  We had magazines in classroom with pictures.  And I remember seeing a picture of Mi Lia, in "LOOK" Magazine, It was big bright and in color, I was about 11, that image as stuck with me entire life.  So this War in particular, for me, destroyed many lives. I also know many Veterans from that war. 

    • Top Member

      Thank you, Robin...  My late husband & I met on Christmas Day in 1994.  We were together for 15 years.  He was a Navy Seal who served for 37 months in Vietnam.  We lost an entire generation in that war.  We had some rough times but I never regretted marrying him.  I learned a lot from him & loved him dearly.  I lost him in November, 2010 to stage 4 melanoma...  He was a good man...

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    Your expressions of love in this poem is awesome Linda. Thank you for sharing it with us on SE.
    • Top Member
      Thank you, Terri... When I wrote that I didn't know where the words were coming from, they were just there & they just flowed... I do believe they came with the help of a "God Nudge!" :D
    • Top Member

      Thank you, Terri. That means a lot. :D

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