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Seniorisms by LMW: One Choice!

Believe me when I say that a home based business is not built overnight... I seem to get stuck on research & I've gotten very good at that... I think they call it, "Information Overload"... After all of this trial & error I know I wasted a lot of time but it's time I enjoyed learning about things that are important to me...

I decided to make the most of what I have... I'm  grateful for the fruits of my labor... I'm 81 years old & have been on the internet for about 20 years... I've had numerous lifestyle setbacks that have brought me this far... From here on, "If it's going to be, it's up to me"... I'm not a quitter except for things that I discovered through trial & error that were bad for me...

I am a firm believer in "Divine Guidance"... I've learned to pay attention to the signs that point me in the direction that I must take to improve my life... I call these God Nudges! When I was at the lowest point in my life I spotted an unusual bicycle collecting dust in my neighborhood bike shop... It was a scaled replica of an 1889 Columbia "Boneshaker"... For me it was love at first sight because all of my life I've had a love of bicycles... This one had a 27" front wheel & the frame dropped down to a little 12" wheel in the back... It also had high handlebars... It wasn't until after I bought it that I needed to find a way to show it off... Parades would be just perfect because the bike wasn't built for speed or distance... But now how do I get accepted to join the parades in my county? I could become a clown... That settled it... I learned from another clown that I was fortunate to meet, about a book that would teach me all that I needed to know about clowning... He had been clowning all of his life since he was 9 years old & he had retired from Ringling Brothers... I bought the book, learned all that I needed to know & the rest is history...

Now, it was off to the makeup store... It was time for trial & error... Every time I found something that wasn't quite right, I made it better the next time... The first time I attempted to put on grease paint I was intimidated by the process because it's difficult to remove if a mistake is made... It was then that I thought to myself, how silly that was of me... What woman doesn't know how to put on makeup? Having overcome that speed-bump I needed to work on a costume... I had a clown friend who highly recommended a seamstress who lived in my neighborhood who modified thrift store clothes for me those would make appropriate costumes for me...

More inspiration drove me to the Christmas store where I picked up enough red, green & gold tinsel garland that I used to wind through the spokes & around the frame of my bike... I spent $75 on the decorations, I lived alone in my apartment so I figured everyone I came in contact with would see my decorations...  I topped it off with pinwheels & an oogah horn... I was ready for my public if they were ready for me...

I did the Christmas Parades in my county... I lived in Clearwater at the time so I became "Clearwater Crackers" & the bike became my "Cherry Bomb"... I was soon drawn to St. Petersburg's "Festival of States" parades... They have a 500 piece band known as "The Awesome Greater St. Petersburg Second Time Arounders Marching Band"... They are made up of people of all ages that had played in a High School marching band & they range in age from 18 - 85... I made up a new clown character specifically for them... The morning of the parade I told the band founder, "I am now "Re-Pete of St. Pete", my bike is "The Recycle", so that makes me A recycled clown for the Second Time Arounders & I want to be your mascot... He told me to get to the back of the band & that's exactly where I wanted to be... From the back of the band I could bounce up & down on my bike while doing doughnuts... I could sort of keep time to the beat of the band while hollering out 'Merry Christmas" St. Pete from Re-Pete... Needless to say, they loved it...

I also created a new clown character for St. Patrick's Day at our local O'Keefe's restaurant where they had the largest beer tent I had ever seen... I painted faces & let folks take my photo as, "Garlic O'Hara"... I made some extra money & had a blast while doing it...

I hope that I didn't bore you with my story... My desktop is down & I have many photos stored there so I cannot include any more at this time but will as soon as I am able...



I will be happy to answer any questions you may have... I'll leave you with these thoughts...


Warm regards 'til next time...
Linda Michel White
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I am an 81 year old, Extraordinarily Happy Networker, Senior Blogger and Mentor in Training... I have 31 years of personal development and recovery under my belt... I'm a firm believer in one is never too old to learn... I've progressed from selfishly mourning the loss of my friend, Tom Barabas to celebrating his very accomplished life and that made me feel better... He brought so much beauty and pleasure into so many lives with his music... You can see some of his music videos on

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    The ultimate secret of success is finding peace, joy, fulfillment, and happiness.  Life is such a wonderful journey, and I am happy to see that you are not missing out.  Thanks for sharing your story, Linda, I always enjoy your posts. 

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      Thank you, George...  When I went to AA I went with a purpose...  I was told by this older woman to sit in the front row, take the cotton out of my ears & put it in my mouth because when I first started there I didn't have anything worthwhile to share...  For the first year I went to at least 1 meeting a day, sometimes 3...  It's a good thing I love learning because I sure had a lot to learn...  I'll be forever grateful to AA because they gave me a new life...  No matter any adversities I suffered I never once even thought of taking a drink...  I have so much to be grateful for...  :D

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      Yes Linda, having the right attitude gives a head start in any area of life or endeavour.

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    Yes Linda, the over-riding message is one of "Don't hang about - get stuck in and get on with it!" People fear fear, fear risk and find reasons for not acting. But for real entrepreneurs not of those exist. Taking the plunge is the only way. As you've demonstrated, things work out just fine.

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      Thank you, Tom for your support of my blog posts...  I learned a long time ago that fear & worry are the two most destructive forces known to man kind...  I also learned that when either tries to take control if I replace them with positive thoughts the positive wins every time...  :D

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