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SEO - What Are the Types of Anchor Texts?

SEO - What Are the Types of Anchor Texts?


When talking about SEO and Google algorithms, “simple” isn’t the word I would use to describe it. In fact, Google identifies at least ten different types of anchor text.

Generic Anchor Words

A generic anchor doesn’t include any text referencing a keyword. Instead, the reader must rely on the surrounding copy for context clues about what is on the other side of the link.

Generic anchor text might appear to be spammy, but it is actually pretty powerful. Why? Well, it usually includes an attention getting CTA to the link.

Generic Anchor Examples:

Click here

Read more

Over here

About the Author

More info

This Page

Branded Anchor Text

Branded anchors include your brand name, and they are great for building recognition. Plus, they are a safe bet to avoid getting flagged for spam.

However if you use an exact match domain (EMD) that includes a target keyword, it gets a little more complicated.
You get a little more leeway from Google before earning a penalty, but if you take it too far with the goal of over-optimizing, Google might catch you.

If you have public figures associated with your brand – such as a journalist or a CEO – Google might also
identify any links with their name as a branded anchor as well.


Branded Anchor Examples:

Bill Hartzer of

According to Reuters News Agency


Exact Match Link Text

Exact match anchor text includes the precise keyword the page you are linking to is targeting. If someone decided to link to this very blog post and chose to hyperlink with the words "anchor text", we would earn an exact match link text because that is the keyword we are targeting here.

While it is important to earn some exact match anchors, Google also pays close attention to these links if you have too many. In other words, don't overdo because Google could penalize you.

Exact Match Anchor Examples:

Link building


Twitter Marketing

Naked Link Text

Naked anchor text is a URL pasted into the copy from the browser bar and it's clickable! You might see links like this if someone adds references at the bottom of their article and includes your link as a source. I do this when I'm sharing content from another blogger/article writer in my blog posts.

They don't look pretty, but Google likes naked anchors because they are far less likely to imply someone is
trying to use spammy practices to rank for a keyword.

Naked Anchor Examples:

Brand + Keyword Anchor Words

These include your brand name (or branded phrase) and a keyword. They can help you optimize for the keyword without looking spammy to Google AND build brand recognition at the same time.

Brand + Keyword Anchor Examples:

Twitter Marketing - TP Twitter Strategy Training

Syndication Express for Blog Content Syndication

SEMrush for keyword research


Be watching for part two of "What Are The Type of Anchor Texts?"

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    Very informative Terri. For a blogger I believe visibility of a post in Google search plays a crucial role. I still struggle with phrasing the right keyword in attracting organic traffic to my blog. I would like to get some important tips from you in coining keywords.
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      Thank you for your comments Biswajit. I recommend using Ubersuggest to help you find niche keywords for organic traffic. Just do a Google search for "Ubersuggest." It's the best tool and I know it will help you greatly.
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    Very informative Post Terri. I read both parts using the tips in here I learned a great deal about keywords, anchor text and backlinks. With this information it's possible for anyone to start seeing more clicks to their offers, articles, affiliate links and products.
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    Thank you Dennis for your comments. Your input is appreciated and I agree using a branded link too much is not a good thing to do.
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    What I have found through the years is Google prefers naked links. There have been times when if you linked to a word that was in the link you were penalized. You also have to be very careful with branded links. Better to go naked, than use a branded link too often.
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    This is Part two in the series on Link Building and Backlinks.
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