It's amazing the types of experiences -good and bad-that contribute to our individual life stories. We've all endured some joyful, painful, heart-breaking, and tragic experiences that have shaped our lives. But these experiences, as painful as they were, are experiences unique to us because they are a part of our life story. Despite these experiences appearing as a setback, they may have been necessary for our forward progression. Life deals us all very different circumstances and experiences that once we make it through them, we should have one helluva of a story to tell. 

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Valerie Lathern


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    Everyone has a story to tell and yes it's a great thing to share your story so people will know that you're for real. It probably will help someone to know they're not alone. Thank you for sharing your post today Valerie. 

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    This is something to think about Valerie.  You're right our experiences are what shape who we are and become in life, the good ones and bad.
    And if we can help someone by sharing then that's a good thing.  


    • Robin that's true. We are all story tellers

  • Top Video Contributor

    Life leaves stories within us all, thanks, Valerie.

    • But we need to share them.  Thanks for reading.

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    Yes Valerie, it is stories which best convey all human experience and emotions. And everyone is in some way a story teller, be it the ship-wrecked mariner or the master physicist, everyone's  tale has within it educatation and inspiration for readers or listeners to draw from.   

    • Absolutely correct Tom. Thanks for reading 

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