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Content creators,  come and dine and Network with IBO members who you may know. Meet new friends, mingle and share.

Bring your hottest most delicious content let's make the Party go viral.


Special Invite:  IBO Members 

Place: Syndication Express

Owner: Terri Pattio, Fellow IBO Member


IMPORTANT NOTE: This will give YOU MORE EXPOSURE and you'll be sharing Syndication Express members blog content and we all benefit individually and as a community. I believe that every member in the community publish great blog post and I love sharing them. One point to make, please visit the SE site to read and comment on the blog posts because you're connecting with the blog author. Terri Patto.

Get the word out about what content you're cooking up to bring to the Dinner. It's a gathering of great content providers whether for business or Creative Writers.


We want succulent blog post that will satisfy the paletes of even the most particular content cookers.

You're delicious content will be served up across multiple platforms Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and more. Come and share your delights.

Bring your Red Hot, Press releases! Share your spice.  What is your business, product or service, Serve it up here and show the Internet what you're working with.



If you're looking for a soothing after dinner ambience, why not step over to the delicious music Playlists, served up with different Beans you may enjoy there is a sound for everyone.


Icing on the cake bring your sizzling text ads, eye catching videos and mouth watering banners and have them served up on the Syndication buffet to bring you hungry sign-ups, partners, buyers, or just new friends.



So come bring your tastiest content and sample what others have brought to share.  




See you there,

Robin Robinson
IBO member & member of
Syndication Express


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Robin Robinson, I provide home based business, tools & resources.

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      More words of wisdom Tom.  There are so many people working in Jobs, that cause them so much misery.  It's a shame they don't realize that if they could just change their way of thinking, they could change their life. 

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    What an awesome post!  Your content is spot on, of course, it is the best.  You probably know that I am a big fan of images and videos to help us to tell our story.  This is superb.  Thanks, Robin.

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      Wow!  Thank you so much George.  Your comment means a lot to me.  If I get a great comment from you, then I know I'm doing something right!  Yes I do know you're work with images and videos because I've learned much about them from them from the content you Post. 

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    Thank you Robin for your fantastic blog post about Syndication Express. I have worked very hard to make the SE site a place for content creators to get exposure, branding, backlinks and targeted traffic from the search engines. I am happy to have you here and I appreciate everything you do to make SE the best site ever on the internet. 

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      Thank you Terri.  You're an excellent Mentor and it shows in your work and professionalism.  It's obvious that it took a great deal of work to create Syndication Express.  The love and care that you put into creating your Site shows through  I think it's a wonderful Site because it does combine business and pleasure.  You can put out Press Releases to showcase your business as well as advertising.  But you can also let your creative juices flow through your Blog Post and the use of videos in both cases.  Not to mention the music Playlist, being music is the Universal language. There is much more to explore here.  And last but not least wonderful members which some I consider good friends.  We can learn and share but also just grow and explore some valuable new friendships and business partnerships through networking here.  

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