Team-building: Your Solution To Success

Team-building is your Solution to Success because it enlists with it,  self-development, positive communication, leadership skills, as well as, the ability to work closely as a team in order to solve problems.



“No problem is insurmountable.  With a little courage, teamwork and determination a person can overcome anything.” –B Dodge


“Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to maintain uncommon results.” –Unknown

As a team-building supporter in network marketing I find that it makes a lot of business sense. It works well and solves many typical business problems,  all while working on direct sales and network marketing. Earnings have increased and it is an ideal solution when you come up against an obstacle.

While approximately  97 percent of people aren’t making money, I am and you can. Why you may ask?

It has nothing to do with the industry and the business model is far from flawed. It’s that it can be an obstacle to work on your own without a “team”. A team will work together toward a common goal and put the company first, not a single person.

That’s why team-building works. It’s not a get rich scheme, it’s not rocket science, it’s simply a unique approach to the business world.


If you want to work at the basic level, you do so alone. If you build a team,  you work together toward a common goal.

There is power in numbers and there is power in network marketing. It does indeed take a village to grow a business.

With this traditional approach, direct sales and network marketing work well hand in hand. Ideally, the company will provide you with all of the support you require to make your sales and recruiting teams work well together.

It’s important to focus on your downline and only your downline. Building your team will add to your front line and in time, it will work seamlessly.

Teaching the people below you to use the same technique, you’ll build your business to success while other businesses not utilizing this technique will be struggling. Thus, your business will be making the money from the start and you won’t be having to worry about your business failing.

By team-building,  your whole team is making money, not just the guy at the top. Focusing on your job as a team will lend some confidence to everyone on the team. No one will be alone in the blame if something goes awry.

As you use this approach, you’re building depth and improving the chances of the entire team to make money. You’ll have a stronger business and a higher number of earnings. Fewer of the employees (think team here) will quit and you’ll have a solid business from the start.

Team-building is the ideal solution for any business that is seeking to improve its business practices. Focusing on depth and income as a team will be successful where other businesses are failing.

Whether you’re on my team or a different team, it doesn’t matter. Just join a team and get to work and you’ll see for yourself how quickly working as a team will help you to gain momentum in business and earnings. Teach others to do the same and you’ll be even more successful.

That is how team-building works, if everyone works together,  everyone succeeds.

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  • This is so true Angela and it really is a must to have a team, and as Terri said you must have a mentor as well to guide you.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Angela...Team Building IS essential for often people get left to their own devices but I do agree that personal and team mentoring is the missing link that will strengthen the entire organization. It builds, motivates, provides knowledge, & keeps teams focused to reach goals and achievements....You know that you are NOT alone...You are a part of a family whose goal is helping each other...NOT just oneself! Many never find this kind of mentoring environment...but when you finally do, you realize that you have truly been blessed and failure isn't an option anymore! It strengthens and solidifies you every step of the way. I am fortunate in saying that I have finally found exactly this with Gano Excel...It is a true game changer...Thanks for sharing and I have shared this also. Great article and advice!

  • Top Member

    Very good post Angela. You forgot to mention that a mentor is needed to hold people accountable to reach their goals. This is a must and cannot be left out. Thanks for sharing your information here today and I will share for many more to read.  

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