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The Five Levels Of Affiliate Marketing


In my opinion, there are five levels of Affiliate Marketing.


The first level is what I call BASIC or level one.  This is the level that I was taught is basic and does not include list building or sales funnels.  In level one, you send your prospects directly to your affiliates.  This is not your best choice, but it does work when it is done right.

Slow Marketing!??

The next level is what most people learn or should learn.  It includes all the steps that are available as an affiliate marketer.  It works well but it is SLOW because you are taught to do ONE thing at a time.

Blitz Marketing!?

Level Two Marketing or Blitz Marketing is what I call affiliate marketing on steroids.  Why?  You create multiple campaigns all at the same time.  This multiplicity helps to maximize your efforts and, of course, you also maximize your results.

Ultra Blitz Marketing

Ultra Blitz is simply using the strategies of Blitz Marketing and combining it with affiliate marketing tools.  Get even more done in less time.

Fifth Level

There are actually more levels such as product creation and affiliate networking and joint ventures and collaborations.  

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    I like the subject of this post. Thank you for sharing it in the SE community and I recommend people to check out your Youtube channel for the knowledge you have about affiliate marketing. 

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