the Futle Mind

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Futile Mind

The Futile Mind
In the back of a dark crowded room lies the thought of a man. Pondering day and night in an attempt to disgusting truth  in its rarest form. Thinking its an old concept and yet many have not adapted to the process of thinking, perhaps the root is futile thinking. Lets explore the intricacies of thought processes. The purpose of this exploration, is to identify ones own thoughts and to determine how buzzard our own thinking can become. 
The bell rings every morning before the start of mans shift, he'd prepare each day but could not enter the work doors on time. His boss met with him to discuss the issue and his response was the work clock is faster than his own watch. The problem  is in the mans thinking. He believes the boss should change the time and set to meet and accommodate his thinking. How would you handle this issue? What thought process will you implement?  Believe it are not, many of us want others to adapt to our futile way of thinking, and really we need a reality check. 
Futile thinking produces nothing. 
Here's a clique used by many: Practice makes perfect. The question becomes if a fruitless, ineffective, non-producing mind practices the same way each day, will he be effective? What are your thoughts? Remember a futile mind is incapable of producing useful results. It take exercising your brain. Deliberate thinking. Our society has become dependent thinkers. Many of us want the thoughts of others. Technology, affords us immediate results. This is good but, for sluggish thinkers, it's a disaster. 
A man sets up camp in an area infested with red ants. Prior to his arrival he learned the area in which he would travel became  blocked with logs from trees. The man gets out of his 4 wheel drive, hooked a chain to the front of his car, and the log, in his attempts to back up his front end tore off. He asked himself why the front end became damage. But, the truth of the matter is his futile attempt to move logs from a fallen tree was ineffective from the beginning. Much of our problems lie in our thinking and perception. We must understand that our perception is our reality. 
The reality is, futile thinking produces nothing. 
To reduce futile thinking, the road maps of our mind must change. 
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  • This was a very interesting post Carolyn, thanks for sharing.

  • I like that.  "The road map of our minds must change."  Thanks for sharing this interesting PR, Carolyn.

  • Hi Carolyn,

    I like the term buzzard thinking. Good read.

  • Top Member

    Great post Carolyn. It makes sense to me. Shared via Syndication Automation.

  • Susan I surely agree with you critical thinking a process many miss. I believe we must train the thinking mind. It's a daily practice. I love your comment. Thank you.

  • Active Member

    Carolyn I love the way your mind works :) I love the theory woven in with the clock story. You know if the boss gave in and reset the clock the man still wouldn't get there on time. If he couldn't get there on time at the right time the problem is not the clock it's the man.

    It will be the futile thinkers that will be mediocre in  life because mediocre thinking is the normal way of thinking. It's the way most of us were taught.

    The critical thinkers are the ones that rule the world :) 

    This is why in preparing to go into the work force you must be flexible, ready, willing and able, to think outside the box. Great post!  

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