The Power of Attraction Marketing

The Power of Attraction Marketing

Attraction Mktg

I have spent most of  today watching training videos, taking notes and putting my plans in to action.

Ok you may think that is rather boring but I am dedicated to improving my skills and the only way to do that is to learn and put into action what you learn !  The first thing you need to learn is how to brand yourself and that is done with attraction marketing …..

A few tips below to get you off on the right track …

1. Get yourself known – place a bit of content to your blog every day

2. Set up a fanpage on Facebook – tell a little about yourself everyday

3. Create a video and get it on to Youtube

4. Build an email list and get to know your leads.  Tell them stories, we all love stories and let them know what has been happening in your life.

Blogging is a great way to getting yourself known. Even if it is just a little bit every day. Share what you learn each day.

Readers want to know that they are dealing with a REAL person  so get to know your friends on Facebook and ask them questions about themselves. DO NOT push your business opportunity into their face as soon as you get to know them. Once you have built up a relationship with them then ask them if there is anything you could help them with and then they will be curious about what your business is all about.

If they ask then tell them and offer them the opportunity to learn more. Don’t tell lies and don’t make any promises. You can’t make someone successful but you can inspire and show them the right path to take.

A great way to get yourself recognised is by creating videos. They don’t have to be long, maybe 2-3 minutes or if you are a bit camera shy even just a 30 second video will do and try and do this daily. Whether it is about yourself, your family or your business opportunity, this is a great way to gain a good relationship…….

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  • Thank you Nichola

  • Indeed, you need to be the hunted instead of the hunter! Attraction marketing is very powerful! Great post!

  • Thank you Terri, have a great weekend.
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    Relationships is the KEY to a successful business. Thank you Merle for posting this in the SE community. Merle may you continue to be blessed with success in all you do. Keep up the great blogging, you are a valued member here.

  • Thank you Ron

  • Nice share Merle.

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