Tips for Baby Boomers Marketing

Tips for Baby Boomers Marketing

Baby Boomers Entrepreneurs

The baby boomer generation are now nearing retirement age or are already retired so there is going to be an increase in these people looking to boost their pensions and what better way than to work from home online !!

Baby boomers are becoming more adept at using the internet than the previous generation and what’s more those that are retired and have adult children are sometimes faced with whether they want to move into a retirement complex with other retirees.  These people are now well clued up to search for what they want on the internet.

I have a son that works with computers and although he teaches me a few things there are things that I can now teach him and it is always nice when he asks me for an answer to something !!

Many of the older generation are looking to join a retirement community online as they have so much in common, so if you are from the younger generation how do you appeal to this new internet savvy audience?  You could start with creating an internet marketing strategy that builds your digital presence and puts your retirement community in front of potential customers.

3 Tools You Will Need

When your retirement community builds an effective marketing strategy that appeals to the right audience, then there are three tools that you will need to master – SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Analytics –

Once you have developed your retirement communit’s website – first making sure that the URL is search engine friendly, then you need to target your site’s content to match keywords for your audience.

You might be in a care home setting up a retirement community website for Baby Boomers so if that is the case you need to get yourself out there and get seen by listing your site on places such as Google Local, Yahoo local, Big Advertiser (although there will be a fee for Big Advertiser) but you need to be seen…….  Then track your keywords to find out what people are using to find you and check the number of searches you have.

Make sure you have plenty of content on your site for visitors to read and if you add value you will then get these visitors returning.

If for example you are advertising pain relief then if you can offer value and help to what people need then again these visitors will return to see more you have to offer.

You will also need a CTA (Call To Action) on your website especially if you have a product that is going to help your visitors like an eBook or video.  Sending them to a capture page is another great idea as this will then increase your email list.  Also add a sentence asking people to share and comment on your site.

The more great content you offer is going to get visitors interested in whatever it is you do and if they see you as someone who can help them then you are on your way to success.

Then We Come To Social Media Marketing

As you are probably aware, depending upon how long you have been online, that Facebookalone has over 1 billion users.  Twitter has around 170 million active users and you can bet that some of your community’s adult children are using at least one of these social media sites !  You have also got LinkedInPinterestGoogle+ and many more social media sites ……

Facebook has a big variety of users so it is always wise to search for people in your niche to share content with.  Set up a Fan Page and share your knowledge and information on there.  Always try and comment and share other peoples status updates if you feel others will benefit from them.


This is where you will see all the trending topics and you can follow others if you are interested in what they have to offer.  You can also promote your business opportunities here …..


This is one of my favourites today as you can follow other peoples boards which range from animals, fashion and business.  You name it and you will find it on Pinterest.  This is quickly catching up with other well known sites.

One last word on analytics.   Google analytics is free to use and is one of the best tools you can have in your marketing business, although there are paid versions of analytics as well.  By getting detailed reports you will know where the traffic came from, what keywords were used to find you, what social media sites were driving traffic and what was shared etc.  All this can help sharpen your focus on your target audience.  It also reveals the type of information that potential customers are looking for allowing you to continue creating content that drives traffic to your website landing pages which in turn is going to increase your ROI (Return of Interest).

More tips for Baby Boomers working online HERE

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