Trimming the fat

Brave, having the courage to face danger, difficulties, and pain. To examine courage, one would need to define what is courage, how does courage look, and how to apply courage. Sounds easy but, often challenging. A woman stayed in her dark room for months. She would speak to herself and imagine someone was there. For days without light her room darken. No one could understand the cause of her dark hours, only she knew it's cause. For 6 months darkness governed the doorways of her mind. In the six month she asked to go outside. Suddenly a break through. Imagine sitting at the foot of one's bed in darkness. The darkness of one's mind. What a joy when a sudden glimpse of hope arrives. It thanks courage.


How many of us have experienced difficulties in our lives? It is amazing how the storms of life toss people to and fro.

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Trimming Down the Fat

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  • Great read Carolyn and loved your little quote at the bottom of your posy.
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    Simply fantastic post. :) You and I are on the same wave link. I've liked and shared this.

  • Thanks for sharing.

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    Very good post and enjoyed reading it Carolyn. You shared some great suggestions in your post. It has been shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

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