Websites on TV.

Websites on TV
What is Websites On TV ? In short, is an internet marketing network funded co-op that allows it’s members to purchase television commercial air time in prime networks during peak hours throughout the day. These are 30 sec commercials of the highest quality available done professionally by a real production company. These television networks include: CNN, Fox News, TBS, MSNBC, CNN,CNBC, Spike, TNT, ESPN and many more. Websites on TV is more than just television advertising that has the potential of reaching millions of viewers. For a one time additional fee, it offers advertising platforms to also advertise on National Magazines, National Newspapers, National Radio, Electronic Billboards and Mobil Advertising.
Here is a partial list of programming where we are live now, or have advertised our Websites On TV commercials in the past…
” A&E, abc family, AMC, Animal Planet, BET, Bravo, CN, CNN, CMT, Comedy Central, Discovery, Discovery Health, E, Espn, Espn 2, Espn Classic, Food Network, FX, Galavision, Lifetime , MTV, National Geo, SyFy, TBS, TNT, Hallmark, etc.”
Each 30 sec TV commercial directs the viewer to an specific url like:  for something wonderful. The commercials are made with the goal of creating growing interest by the viewer to visit the website displayed. When they do, they are shown a random advertisers Full Page Webpage, and yours appears every time it comes around in the rotation. Each rotator has only 100 advertisers.
TV as a source of reliable traffic and source of income in my job listings section. Truth is: I am getting the traffic and I am getting paid. No complaints from my side. Paying less than a dollar per visitor to my webpage, from TV traffic, it’s unheard off and is huge for all small business owners.
Great source income baby
Websites on TV is about bringing you a fresh audience to your webpage after that is all about your websites for conversions.
So far I like the service and the opportunity at the same time I am conscious that Websites on TV is fairly new and a lot of changes and additions are being done. Am I going to get better results as Websites On TV grows?
Wishing you well, (1)
~ Turned her Can’ts into Cans ~ Her Dreams into Plans ~
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  • This sounds like a great idea and glad it is working for you.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you Terri

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    Judy glad to hear that you are experiencing success. Wishing you peace, happiness and prosperity. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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