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What do you think?  


It’s my observance being  a full time internet marketer for almost 9-10 Years now, I had seen pretty much all the highs, lows, ups, and downs. I saw many businesses rise up today and gone tomorrow. Being on line myself I made a lot and I also lost a lot of money.

So here is the deal, there are a very few internet businesses out there have the cost offset model and Total Life Changes is one of them. This model means that someone can come into the business and utilize the product (training) to make money. It’s that simple, anyone can join TLC, learn the ropes with the step by step training and become financial secure.

Let me ask you a sober question, if the cost offset model doesn't exist in your business that means you have to recruit to make money sad to say how long that last will.

  Think about this for a moment, when 95% of people can't recruit, how is that sustainable?

The answer is that in many cases, it's not and companies crumble. However even if a company with the cost offset model doesn't work out, the knowledge and experience you will learn  from TLC you can take it anywhere and make money. With a traditional MLM, if the company goes down so does your income.

Now the bottom line is, this is why I love "The Era Of Being Your Own Boss with TLC" ... they can because they get results using the product, and naturally people wonder what they're doing. That's an easy sell and isn't even considered selling….. more like attracting wink emoticon. Selling something people have no use for and it’s tough. Everyone who needs extra income has a use for this.

The real innovators for building this out for all of us. You probably see the word "game changer" or synonyms being tossed around frequently but in reality, it's usually nothing new. The cost offset model is the REAL Game Changer.

Ask yourself this... would you feel comfortable recruiting people (or trying to recruit people) into a company where statistically 95% of people are going to fail? Hymmm I don’t think so????

My question to you is, if you're currently in a business without the cost offset model or you're looking to join a business now and doing some research... I HIGHLY encourage you to check out TLC. If interested in more information or have a question please contact me. 





Sharon Naraine,

skype: snar1012

call/text: 352-805-9846


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