What If Scenario #6-ANSWERED PRAYERS!!!

Sometimes, I see and hear scenario’s that I find so interesting that I turn them into blog posts so that I can get your thoughts and opinions on that particular scenario. So for this week’s blog post, let’s talk SHIP about ANSWERED PRAYERS!!

Scenario #6: Cheryl has a strong relationSHIP with GOD and considers her faith very important. She regularly attends church services and is active in several ministries. Tired of being single, Cheryl had been praying for a husband and while in line at the grocery store, she met Kenneth. As they waited in line they engaged in a witty and flirty conversation. They hit it off and exchanged numbers. Later that night, they continued their conversation and started talking and texting each other a few times every day.  During these conversations, they discovered a host of shared interests. Both enjoyed working out, watching sports, cooking, traveling, and entertaining friends and family. Kenneth was handsome and very articulate. He had a nice body, a beautiful smile, and a great job. Cheryl felt giddy and told her girlfriends that Kenneth made her happy and that he may be the one.


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