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“The magic word is I. Start a new chapter today. Stay away from what might have been and focus on what can be. Every day it’s a chance for a new beginning.” London Mond

RelationSHIPS are filled with miscommunications, betrayals, and disappointments, some of which people successfully navigate their way through.   However, there are times when we may just need to JUMP SHIP.   When a relationSHIP is not going the way that we’ve anticipated or is no longer satisfying us, it may be time to develop an exit plan.  It may be time to JUMP SHIP!!  Sometimes, I see and hear scenarios that I find interesting and turn them into blog posts to find out what you’d do and this post is one of those instances. Last week while watching Divorce Court, an unmarried couple stood in front of Judge Faith to share their story and I couldn’t believe how selfish and conniving people can be within what is supposed to be a loving relationSHIP. So for this week’s blog post, let’s talk SHIP about the importance of recognizing when to JUMP SHIP!!

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    Great subject as usual Valerie R Lathern I figure if a person wants to cut ties with their mate this includes the money too. This way you'll completely free and independent. Additionally this means the person is disconnected completely from them. I call it a clean break or no strings attached. Keep up the great writing.

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    You're right Valerie, there are people who can be so cruel and conniving and Troy is horrible person. Reminds you of the Temptations Song, "Smiling faces tell lies".  I was a kid when that song was came out.  But in life I came to learn the meaning of the words. I also learned that Karma is real.  It's a Fact if the Relationship is going bad, it's best to choose You and Jump Ship!

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