search bar imageStatistics show that every minute someone is searching for a make money from home opportunity and every hour someone is joining a home based business. Now these prospects are either joining with someone directly or just signing up themselves. But today I'm going to be talking about the prospects that sign up with a REAL PERSON and/or what you or your prospects should be doing before joining any business.

I hear everyday from someone that they joined a Network Marketing or Direct Sales business and their sponsor is no where to be found. I also see those same people searching for someone to help them answer questions about the team they are in, compensation program, team calls, ( some don't know what team they are in ) etc etc. So why does this happen to people? There are some people that look at an opportunity that they were introduced to somehow and decided to join. Now at the time of sign up they most likely had a person guide them through the process or had their sponsor sign them up. At this point there are some people that are unethical and walk away with their BONUS and leave their new business partner all by themselves. You see Network Marketing has a BAD name NOT because the business model doesn't work, it's Network Marketers!! Obviously there are people making an enormous income monthly from Network Marketing, so it definitely WORKS.

Here are some tips you should do before signing up with any Network Marketing company

  • Make sure you research the company you are interested in. Make sure you watch video's about the companies background, the products and services, the compensation plan and the people behind the company. Warning- Do not research a company for more than a week, do not over think the process. Just research the company so that you are not suckered into a bad deal.
  • After you make a decision of the company you want to join, make sure you start reaching out to various members. You want to interview the members teams and their Leaders. This is so important because no one wants to join the WRONG TEAM nor do you want to join a team that is NOT growing.
  • Ask the following questions to the members you are interviewing: Do you offer weekly team calls? How many Leaders do I have access to for 3-way call support? In this blog post I talk about how to properly do a 3-way call. Does any leader in the team offer one on one or group mentorship? Does the team have their ownnetwork marketing right team marketing training or do they rely on company tools? etc.
  • After interviewing your potential sponsor and team leaders go ahead and look for them on Facebook. Make sure they have a presence online also if they say they have a group on Facebook just for their team, go ahead and take a look. You may not be able to see much due to the group maybe in private but you can verify if the information given to you is accurate.
  • After you select which team you are going to join and sign up make sure you collect at least 3-4 phone numbers of your sponsors upline leadership. Next work with 1 or 2 of the leaders discussing your goals and work with them either one on one or as a group. In this blog post I talk about how to be a good student to your mentor.

There is a saying " People Join Companies But They Stay For The People". If you are looking for a network marketing or direct sales company and want to build a strong residual income you cannot just join with any team. You must do your research and make sure you will get the support you need to reach your goals faster. Some business owners wonder why they have their team drop off and in most cases it's because it's lack of support.

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  • Excellent post George and definitely agree people join people and not the company and these days you really do have to do your research first.  Have shared for you.

  • Good post, George!

  • Great information George. Online presents in very important. 

  • George this is a great article. I love the saying about Joining companies and staying because of the people. Having an online presence is important. I agree with you on these tips!

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