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Are You One of the Bloggers that Fail?




Here are the 5 reasons that most bloggers fail, from Blog Mastermind 




1. Motivated by money

  • If you just blog for the money, as you head into month three of your blog’s life and you have yet to earn a penny, chances are you won’t be there in month six when you are still not making anything.
  • Focus your motivation on enjoying the process of writing about a topic you care about and interacting with others who share your interest.
  • You will have more staying power, will enjoy the journey and will keep at it long enough to be financially rewarded as well


2.   Have no credibility

  • Do not to start a blog about making money from blogging or making money online unless you already make very good money from blogging or Internet business and can present this information in a way that is not already being done by someone else (unique writing style, unique life experiences, etc).
  • Credibility can be established with proof or through the quality of the information provided, which generally comes only from people with experience.
  • If this isn’t you, don’t make your life hard.
  • Move on and find a topic you can dominate.


3.  Choosing the wrong niche

  • Just like entering a crowded marketplace can spell doom for a blog, blogging about a topic that there is little interest in won’t get you far either.
  • If your topic is not mentioned anywhere else online – no forums, no websites, nothing – don’t assume it’s an untapped niche.
  • It could be that there just isn’t an audience.


4.  Jumping from blog to blog

  • If you want to be in the blogging game long-term you have to focus long enough on one blog to give it a chance to succeed.


5. Thinking blogging is easy money

  • Many people have entered the blogosphere thinking that with an hour or two a day they can become famous and earn several thousand dollars a month or more.
  • If you think it will happen to you within a week, a month or even six months, you are going to be disappointed.
  • It takes work, especially at the start, to build a successful blog, but the rewards make it worthwhile.
  • If your timetable is presently full and you are not prepared to make room for regular, and I mean regular work on your blog, you probably shouldn’t jump into the game just yet.


You must understand these 5 reasons most bloggers fail, and then you will have the awareness to move beyond them in your own blogging career.


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Sharing Is Caring!


To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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Comment by Joan Harrington on June 27, 2014 at 4:17pm

Thanks Meredith :) Much appreciated!!

Comment by Meredith Elizabeth on June 27, 2014 at 2:24pm

That's awesome "give it a chance to succeed." I'm not sure I'll know when I've "succeeded." But I like the idea of commitment. I think people can sense how much we are committed to our blogs fairly quickly. Great points, Susan. Keep it coming. =)

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