Why our bodies are weak

Hi RN Carolyn Coleman-Grady,

Our bodies feel weak and tired. There are many reasons, some medical. and others related to poor nutritional intake, lack of water and limited activities. 


This short video Talks about Iron and Minerals deficiencies. This is essential to the body. Iron deficiencies keep you weak, tired  and some people loose their hair. It is important that you speak with your Physicians for supplements. Foods high in Iron are imported as well. This year is the season of healthy beginnings. 

I recommend you start by getting your annual physical, which includes lab test that will reveal low Iron and Low chemistry. Lets get healthy together. We need increased energy and less fatigue. It is time to get America healthy and it should begin with each of us.

I decided it was our families healthy season. In order to become healthier the mind must be changed. I believe you have to see images of health, and increase your knowledge on healthier ways of living. In my nursing journey I have seen illness affect people at younger age. Young adults are dealing with Hypertension, and Diabetes and heart disease. Not good. 

So in order for my family to become healthy I had to change my pattern of thinking. I have become active, walking and even a little jogging. I am moving my body and changed my sedentary life style. Healthy beginnings is important to me and I hope important to you too. 

Check out my website and begin your healthy road today

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  • Thanks for sharing

  • Great post, thanks for sharing.
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    Excellent post Carolyn and thanks for sharing this valuable information in the SE community. Shared everywhere so more can see and learn from it. Have a blessed week. Much love my sister.

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