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Your Greatest Personal Asset

Joseph Tom Riach – Author of successful living books and mystery novels, vivid views of life and business


"Your Greatest Personal Asset" is the 24th in my 2022 series of articles based on my real life experiences, professional insights, personal views and fun stories.

My hope is that in them you find joy and inspiration.




     Most people think of assets in a material sense. They value homes, cars, cash and other investments highly. In doing so they overlook their greatest personal asset. It is none of these things mentioned, nor indeed can it be touched, nor is it visible to the naked eye.

     Any person's most valuable asset is in fact themselves – or more specifically, their mindset. Yes, your mindset is your greatest personal asset.

     With the right mindset everything is possible. With it you can indeed acquire whatever material assets you wish; all those listed above and anything else you care to name. But your mindset itself is the 'alpha' asset, the one which drives the accomplishment of all else.

     Once you understand this amazing significance of your prime asset then that in itself opens the door to understanding that there are many other intangible assets tied up in your inner self, any one of which is infinitely more valuable than mere possessions.

     One such asset is 'learning'. You should never stop learning because the world around you, both in the wider sense and the personal, is constantly changing. It's critical to know how little you know and to keep your mind nimble and sharp by working it out with new 'stuff' on a regular and ongoing basis. You'll be a better person for it. The simple fact that you recognise this and work on it will, in itself, promote your own awareness of self as well as the value that others place on you and in being with you. It's self-fulfilling. As regards your brain – use it or lose it!

     You'd be most unhappy to lose those material assets I mentioned at the outset; think how much more devastating it would be to lose a personal asset immeasurably more valuable. Your mindset matters, look after it.

     It must, of course, be the right mindset. A positive, upbeat and progressive one. The mind that is always curious, ever exploring. The kind of mind which lives in the realm of entrepreneurs. Or is it entrepreneurs who live in a positive mindset? Either way, it's an attitude where improvement is always believed in and comfort zones are shunned. It's a world of persistence, 'never-say-die', constant learning, improving and – thinking outside the box!

     Entrepreneurs, more so than any other group, are inclined towards the unconventional, the innovative and the creative. These traits are their outward manifestation of their greatest personal asset, their mindset, at work. They don't recognise conventional limits. This allows them to identify and evaluate opportunities and consider different approaches. It enables them to break free of restrictive thinking, go beyond recognised boundaries and find unique solutions.

     You may find that in reading my words, the assertions I make and the conclusions I arrive at seem remarkably straightforward. They are! And yet, it is in their simplicity that the profound depth of their significance lies. Make no mistake, once you fully grasp and implement the understanding of your greatest personal asset being that which is within you in your mindset, then your evaluation of material assets is put into perspective. Their true worthlessness is revealed.

     Your mindset thus invigourated can drive the fulfillment of any dream you can imagine. It ignites ambitions such as helping others, earning personal respect and a limitless wealth of objectives loftier by far than just acquiring material possessions. Mind you, paradoxically, a properly primed mindset makes the acquisition of worthless materials easy. They'll fall into your lap as if by magic – if you want them.

     Yes, your greatest personal asset is powerful in all ways. Guard it well. 

 I am Tom Riach. I live and write in the sunny south of Portugal.

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  • Top Commentor

    I've read the Book "Yes You Can", there are some powerful lessons in there about to get to a positive mindset.  The cliche, "If it was easy everyone would be doing it does apply".  Because it takes work to even put yourself in a place to make changes, then you have to be consistent.  The changes don't come automatically or even easy, you have to push yourself.  Even then you may fall back into old patterns of thinking but you'll be equiping yourself to recover faster and get back on the right track.  It's just like the word diet, it seems like even that word is a recipie for failure.  However when you call it a lifestyle change, you know it's something you'll be doing for the rest of your life.  And that's how you'll be succesful. 

    • Top Member

      Hello Robin it's great to see you. Tom Riach does offer a lot of helpful and beneficial information to help people change their mindset. As you said it's an ongoing process to be successful, meaning that you can't give up and revert back to your old ways. In this negative world, you definitely should be keeping positive thoughts in your subconsciuos mind all the time. Simply put, it acts on what we enter into each day. This means no negativity at all must get in. 

    • Top Commentor

      It's great to see you too Terri.  You're right about Tom Riach, and I wrote that in my Amazon review.  I would correlate Tom's works with great motivational authors. They cause you to a deep dive into yourself and see what obstacles may be holding you back.  Once you start looking at your own actions, you see where you yourself made mistakes and how to correct them.  You always have to look in the mirror first. Then even if you do slump or fall back into self sabatoging, habits you know what to do to recover and get back on track.     

    • Top Commentor

      I'm delighted Robin that my words have so resonated with you. Yes, using the right words and ignoring negative ones, transmits to your inner mind the positive messages it later materialises as a 'winning' lifestyle. Reading your kind words here fires me up in just that way!

    • Top Commentor

      It's the truth, Tom.  What resonates with me are the people who overcome adversity to attain success, whatever that is for them.  We all don't start out with supportive parents, or people who push us to pursue our childhood dreams.  There are more people who tell you, just to settle, nothing gonna change anyway, there's nothing you can do about it, than those who will say go for it.  I read a quote, I don't remember who wrote it, but it said "Most people die at 25, it just takes 25 years to bury the body" and that's so true.  But the people, stories, PowerPoints, and lessons in your Books, are the perfect stimulation for the mind.  If you believe in yourself, "Yes You Can". 

  • Top Commentor

    For entrenpreuners our mindset defines our personal brand. To succeed in business you have to think outside the box. For most, they have to understand what is in the box before they can step outside it. This requires learning, both from the best and the worst. The mindset must include no fear of failure. You can't know what doesn't work until you attempt anything. Very few find out what works without making mistakes (most define mistakes as failure). 

    For those who believe death isn't the end of our existance, the mindset will always be the most important. You can't take things with you when you leave the earthly realm. You can however take your mindset. In the end, things have little value, your knowledge and mindset can. 

    Can you gain things that help with your mindset? Personally I just purchased a peice of land with cash, where when I am there I am surrounded by nature and a kind of quiet you can only get when you are alone. This cash was earned because of my mindset. As an entrenpeuner I plan to earn from the property by renting it, when I am not there, to others who want a place of peace and quiet as well. 

    • Top Commentor

      Your words Dennis are a lesson indeed in showing that the material and the spiritual can complement one another brilliantly. That, in fact, is the whole point - pursue the riches of the mind, not the material, in order to make both available to you!

    • Top Commentor

      Part of the entrenprueneral mindset is making the world work for you as well as working on the world being a better place for those you leave behind. I grew up in what most would consider abject poverty. The reality is, I had nothing (other than my mind) to call my own. Believe me, your mind and mindset can move mountains if you choose to do so. 

      Your books and stories help people. This will make the world a better place both now and for future generations. I consider your books the thing I own of the greatest value. With your thoughts put forth in the books and my personal experience I am able to help others. 

      Your article on providing a hand up instead of a hand out was the basis of my cause way before I had even read it. Anyone not willing to put forth the effort to change their lives aren't worth my time. Those though I do help as well by locating a place for them where they can hopefully get the help they need to change their mindset. I don't want anyone to believe mindset doesn't matter. 

    • Top Commentor

      Thank you for your incredible words of support Dennis and for sharing your experiences to show the absolute value of mindset in a real context.

    • Top Commentor

      I see mindset and passion as the two most important characteristics a person can have. Mindset covers, I will do what it takes to get where I want to go. Passion covers, when you love what you do it doesn't feel like work. Motivation for the most part isn't necessary, because who doesn't like to do what they love? You can also have more than one thing you are passionate about. This I know is the case for me. 

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