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Copy Is King ~My Weekly Giveaway ~ Creating internet copy that sells This video is about my weekly giveaway. Each week I give away in Internet Marketing gift with no string attached.

I struggled to about a year and a half with driving traffic to what I call 'stinky' websites...and as a newbie, every one of my sites was 'stinky'.

What is a stinky site?  One that does not convert.  

Newbies are caught up in a web of mistakes and a major mistake is sending traffic to sites that do nothing.  These stinky sites need better copy which leads to more conversions.

Before spending more time on creating traffic, consider giving your copy an overhaul.

Watch the video for all the details and the link to my giveaway.

For more Internet Marketer training and for help with growing on YouTube, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel.



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