Urgent video on COVID 19 - Presented by Dr. Carri Madej.

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I saw this video the other day and I wanted to share this information with people so they can be informed about the vaccines for COVID 19. I feel it's very important for you to know this information so that you will make the right decision about taking the vaccine(s). 

This is, Dr. Carrie Madej, channel link. 😁👍


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      Here is the video on Vimeo. 

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      I watched this video and it's very compelling.  This video will give people a chance to make an informed decision.  Once people actually take the shots there is no turning back. 

      People should also check out the VAERS Report on the CDC website, which list adverse reaction to the shots. 

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      Thank you for sharing this information on the CDC website. 

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      You're welcome.  To clarify VAERS refers to an Vaccine Adverse Reaction Event.  Here is the link to the website as well as a link to an interesting video with more information. 



      Adverse Events & Deleted Deaths? Analyzing The VAERS Reports With Researcher WelcomeTheEagle88
      WelcomeTheEagle88's Channels: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/HEpBeuAz9n9P/ https://odysee.com/@Welcometheeagle88:4 VAERS 39 Deaths in under 3…
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      Beneficial information to know. Thank you Robin Robinson for sharing it here in the SE community. 

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    It seems Youtube don't want people to see this video. They have terminated the Youtube account. It's very sad because the information she shared will give people an opportunity to decide for themselves if they believe it. 

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    Sci-Fi is becoming a reality, thanks, Terri,

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      Youtube terminated the account. It's a shame people won't have the opportunity to view it. I thought the information would help people to decide on believing it or not. 

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    Great share Terri.  I saw this video this is one brave Dr.  There are literally thousands of Dr's and other health care professionals sounding the alarm on the vaccines.  I will share this.  

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