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If you are on the Internet, I hope you are also on YouTube.  YouTube is the best way to drive traffic to your website, blog, online store, squeeze page, etc.  Of course, if you are already using YouTube for traffic or for growing a YouTube channel, read on.

After you create each video, you want to share the link and information about your video.  Why.  To get more views.  More views mean that your video will drive even more traffic or grow even faster.

The YOUTUBE Algorithm!??


More views sends a signal to YouTube that people are watching your videos.  If people are watching your videos, the YouTube algorithm thinks that they must be good, so YouTube will expose your videos to more sending visitors to YouTube is a win/win.


Above is an example of what you are about to discover.  I invite you to learn as I share a free lesser-known and lesser-used strategy for getting more YouTube views fast.  

This strategy is free and so simple.  Since it is lesser-known, you have less competition so better results are most likely.  I apologize for saying that you will love this, but once you use it a time or two, you will!

Click to watch now.

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This is one giveaway that I wish I had discovered over 15 years ago.

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  • A very informative giveaway by George. I did not know about this wonderful site Giphy. Thanks, George for sharing.

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    Valuable information in this article George, and the video is beneficial as well for Youtubers. 

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