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All but a few of us have not picked up a single purposed (real) camera in quite a while!


10806944266?profile=RESIZE_400xAnd while the title to this message says "darned", most of our photos/videos are really very dear to us.  It is only the frustration in not being able to locat

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Hi Everyone,

The following is a blockquote experiment.  I am using a blockquote from Imgur, which is a 

free image storage site instead of an embed from GIPHY which is an animated image site 

and animated image creator site.  The blockquote will allow m

The way things are going is a very clear indication that the trends of MLM are not increasing just presently, they will keep increasing in the next century and the subsequent ones as well.

The popularity that network marketing has gained of late is n

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When you walk on the hard path of betrayal and disloyalty, you will be frustrated. Everyone will be the same for you, the face you can't trust. Someone who will screw you. Another one who will use you and take advantage.  This is not the right way i
Quiet and placid. Even the view of the river Bhagirathi from the Hazaar Duari Palace located on its bank in Murshidabad town is obliterated by shacks selling mementos to tourists. Further up where one could catch a glimpse of the river is inaccessibl
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