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I have been using an advertising site that has given me targeted traffic to my business website, and the CTR (click through rate) is great and conversions are very good.

The site is for business owners to get guaranteed visitors.

You add your banners to advertise your business to a global market of HOT prospects. I am excited about this advertising site.

This is a no brainer and I recommend you click the link below and sign up now.

Click here to get your banners displayed on thousands of pages

Additionally you can get paid and advertise your business too. This is very impressive to me and I had to tell you about it. For only $10.00 you will be getting a lot of free exposure for your banner, but also guaranteed visitors to your pages.

Terri Pattio - Founder of Syndication Express

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    This is a great platform that I have been using for a couple of years now...highly recommended...

    • Top Member

      Thank you Grant for sharing your feedback about CIOB. I been using for a couple of years as well. 

  • Active Member

    As always Terri you always find great nuggets to share. Thanks so much for being a part of Syndication Express. God bless you.

  • Active Member

     This is great work by Terri putting together this site, rising fast in Alexa page rank.

    Kudos for your help in advancing other online marketers.

    • Top Member

      Thank you Francis for your comments. I appreciate you. Happy to have you here. 

  • Active Member

    CIOB is a great platform.  I have used it myself for at least a couple of years now!

    • Top Member

      Yes I like it very much and have been a member for a couple years too. 

  • Active Member

    I agree Terri,  that is a great Program and you get a lot more just for signing up. 
    I get targeted exposure from my advertising along with the Free Sites they have. 

  • thanks terri for the add

  • Top Member

    Yes it is a great opportunity to market your business worldwide and get paid for sharing it with other advertisers. Thanks Anne-Marie for your comments.

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