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    • Top Member

      You can upload a photo with the size of 100x100 pixels and it'll resize it automatically to the specified dimensions. Sorry for the trouble you're having. 


  • Top Member

    Help, Terri

    I posted a blog post but I can't find how to save it...  If you see this in time, please call me...  727-400-4948

    It's 9:46 EDT & I'll be up for a couple of hours yet...


  • Top Commentor

    Can I delete and/or edit a blog post after posting?

    Same for articles I post, can they be deleted and/or edited?


    • Top Member

      The answer is yes to both questions. However keep in mind that for blog post, once you publish. The content will be syndicated. The system is designed to check for new content every 2 hours. 

  • Top Commentor

    What is the difference between an Article and a Blog Post

    on SE? Can I post either? Tom

    • Top Member

      You can publish both Tom. However when you publish articles, you have the opportunity to earn cash.

    • Top Commentor

      Yes Terri but I don't get why there are the 2 categories.

      Do they both get syndicated in the same way? Is there 

      a difference in the type of content? Can I post the same 

      content on both? Why would I or wouldn't I? Tom

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