The way things are going is a very clear indication that the trends of MLM are not increasing just presently, they will keep increasing in the next century and the subsequent ones as well.

The popularity that network marketing has gained of late is not going to whittle down so soon, I think it ever will.

There is solid reason for that. The only reason why network marketing persisted despite all the flak it got in its early years was that some companies were making genuine money for its recruits.

These some companies kept the MLM torch burning and passed it on to us today, where we are making the use of the Internet to unleash the full potential of network marketing.

Suddenly, network marketing has become a much cherished opportunity. People on Fortune 500 lists are making their foray into this. Why? Because they have sniffed the opportunity.

They are into this because they now know the potential of this on a global scale. What’s more, this potential can be unleashed from a single personal computer! It’s quite natural that people want to be with this opportunity right now.

MLM has gained a newfound respect and because it also brings in money for a large number of people around the world today, this respect is only reinforced.

People are willingly joining MLM opportunities, and are proudly wearing badges, buttons and T-shirts proclaiming that fact. The social and other kinds of taboos that MLM had been slapped with earlier have been removed.

Network marketing has gained super popularity in recent times, there is no questioning that fact, but what is quite notable is that its popularity is going to stay for a lot many decades ahead. 

This model has now become widely- accepted and people have tasted the money it brings in. This is happening despite the surly economical environment the world is swathed in currently.

It is not wrong to say this is the best thing to do in the 21st century and for years to come.

Just unleash your potential in it and see the returns coming in.

All the best to you!!! 

Bruno Duarte

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My name is Bruno and I am Global Internet Entrepreneur Helping People to Make Money in the Home Based Business and Network Marketing Industry.

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    I concur Bruno.  A lot of companies were ponzi schemes, when people got burnt, they just blamed the whole Industry and decided to give up.  But those who persisted, changed that reputation and many good companies did start up.  Now is a perfect time to bring people in who are struggling with job loss as well as the loss of Brick & Mortar small businesses.  

  • Top Member

    I agree that network marketing will be around for a long time. MLM/Network marketing offers many benefits for people looking to earn online with the right company. When the business opportunity has a great product/service and a great compensation plan plus the business model must work for the people in the company with free training and a system that duplicates to get sales and find people that are coachable and follow the training. Success is sure to happen when an individual is persistent. Thank you Bruno for sharing your article in the SE comunity. 

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