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    The Syndication Express blog is for the members. PROMO Friday was started to allow members to post ads for exposure and traffic without paying for it. By sharing the SE blog to the various social sites, this will make it accessible for people to see the ads that are being displayed on it.

    Members can send their ads to me. There is a limit of 200 characters on ads. You can have an image, keep in mind the size of your picture since your ad will be displayed on a 200x200 banner.

    Check out the ads and see how they will be displayed.==> LOOK here!

  • A page made available for downloads for free or profits. A resource page too.

  • I think it is good for those who don't know the ropes of doing social media to get into it gradually. You have made it easy for users to engage with one another. Learning the tools and developing their skills through your FREE online training will help a great deal! Keep up the great work!

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    I love what you are doing for everyone Terri. I am not sure how all this works but am willing to learn. I love to learn new things. This will be a beneficial tool to many. Thanks for all the support you give out to others and the time that you take to help others out. Learning is also another tool in business. You are doing a great job Terri, very well appreciated.

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    Sally you can post it as a status on your profile page. This way all of your friends will see it, then they can read, comment and share. You're not dense, you asked because you wanted to know. Kudos to you.


    Sally K Witt said:

    Where exactly do you want us to post our link?  Sorry to be so dense, Terri.

  • Where exactly do you want us to post our link?  Sorry to be so dense, Terri.

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    My intent in starting the blog is to communicate with people outside of the group so other writers can join if they want. Also when a member shares their latest blog post here I will post their link on the Syndication Express blog and it goes through Facebook via Networked blog and gets posted on various groups I have plus it is tweeted out to several Twitter accounts. Finally I will post it on IBOtoolbox and we all know this is great exposure and traffic for IBOtizens. So if you have a Wordpress or Blogger blog then you can share a link to your blog post and every week I will add them to the blog and publish it every Friday or Saturday. Sounds great doesn't it. I'm excited about it. 

  • Hi Terri.
    What are we supposed to do with our blog posts?  I have my main blog rss going onto my page. 
    There is a place for us to post blogs here, are we supposed to cut and paste our posts in there?

  • Hello Terri, I think the Syndication Express blog is great, I don't know how to blog on it or if one needs a blogger account.  But it's nice to be able to read, comment, and share bogs of interest.  Especially nice when we have such a small group to be able to share.  Larger platforms one often gets "lost in the sauce" in other words, "lost in the sea of other posts".  Small groups are nice because it is so much easier to develop close friendships in smaller active groups.  I hope this comment helps!


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