A Vision with Mission

I found this inspiring slogan of Ann Moses and answer the following questions for myself:

What is my Vision?

What is my Mission?

For myself I realized that my vision is very clear but my mission...

So we may have a vision of what we want to achieve but did we really reflect of our mission?

What do you think?

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  • Compliments to all of you here who declared publicly your Vision and Mission. Ok - no shyness, here's my


    To have a wonderful group of people off and on line with whom to bring an life changing product and wealth to the world. Why a group? I am convinced that 4-5 like minded people accomplish more than one mind. We need to nurture our values like happiness, love, health, leave a legacy and economic security to live a self-determined life our under own responsibility.


    Support and empower people to (re)find self-esteem and with this realize their dream-life! while strengthened in themselves.

  •  (1) As for me my vision is to own and operate my own empire/enterprise for women and men who experience menopause and hot flashes and all of the symptoms that come with it. No I don't want to become a doctor at this late in my years...however, I want to provide women and men with the resources that they need to cope with menopause and hot flashes. Also provide them with information that will give them great benefits and solutions.

    (2) Then for my mission is to help as many people around the world and empower them to build their business with the right skill set as well as education and training that they need to be their own boss in earning money online. Along with that to continue to build my skills and training and education too.To assist others in achieving their success.

    My main reason:(a) Is to leave a strong inheritance to my children. (b)  is to change my address and zip code and to add more zeros to my current income. It is very heavy on my heart  to see my children go through their later years with uncertainty of how they are going to live.

    Finally, I don't want to die with my music still inside of me.

    "Victorious Woman"

    Health News on Menopause & Hot Flashes
    Health issues to talk about
  • My mission is to empower people to become what they were meant to be,that is free from the rat race free from financial slavery,free to do what makes them happy.I will do this by helping them become financial free,so they can pass it forward to their kids and their kids,and people from all back grounds that want to be free and more importantly to be true brothers and sisters to each other the way it was meant to be.

  • My mission is to be able to help other people who are struggling as newbies and hopefully help them to overcome their fears and worries about online/network marketing and my vision is to be successful in my online business to enable me to get to see my first great grandchildren in South Africa who are almost two now and I have never met them.  

  • Top Member

    My mission is to help people by educating them to be successful in their internet or network marketing business. It is my goal to give them the skills and training necessary for them to have the life they want.

    My vision is for Syndication Express be the place for bloggers and article writers to brand their name and get found in the search engines so they can earn money and have a peaceful debt free life.

    My second vision is for Winning Domain Names to be a household name for internet and network marketers to come get a mobile ready website and a domain name that will BRAND YOU and your business. NO monthly fees. One time LOW cost.

    Winning Domain Names and Small Business Websites
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