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Are you being forced to live on less financially because an economic crisis has threatened your livelihood? Pandemics, natural disasters, political turmoil, and armed conflicts can quickly disrupt the economy. While a sudden loss of income can be stressful, practical steps based on the wisdom found in the Bible can help you live on less money.


1. Accept your changed situation.


Bible principle: “I have learned . . . how to have an abundance and how to do without.”—Philippians 4:12 

Even though you will have less money than before, you can learn to adapt to your new financial circumstances. The sooner you accept the reality of your situation and begin adjusting, the better you and your family will be able to cope.

Learn about government or humanitarian assistance that may now be available to you. Act quickly, since such programs often give candidates a limited time to apply for aid.



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    Thanks for the advice, Terri. The pandemic has decimated certain segments of the economy.  Being able to accept and adjust will make things easier.  I have never been homeless, but I know what it is like to have to walk or to miss a meal, I am so glad that you added taking advantage of aid and assistance programs.  

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      Thank you George Pierce for your input today. Unfortunately I was displaced for about 6 months when Hurricane Harvey flooded my home. I was living in a hotel and the experience wasn't all that good, however I felt blessed to survive and being able to talk about it today. I feel blessed and appreciate all the help that was given to me during that time in my life. It's the same with this pandemic, because there are so many people homeless and don't know if or when they will eat their next meal. I feel that prayer is the only answer and know there is hope for mankind when people trust in God and keep the faith. 

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