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As you know on Thanksgiving day, they have NFL football games on. 

I'm a big time football fan because this is all my folks would watch on Sunday and we were all big time Dallas Cowboys fans.

Anyway I just thought it would be fun and pay it forward by giving away a month of banner advertising (468x60 banner only) on the Syndication Express blogging platform.

How to play and win a month of banner advertising.

1. The first person that can predict the 3 winners correctly and the final score for each game (within 6 points or less) today. 

The teams playing today are listed below:

11:30 a.m CT.

Chicago vs. Detroit

3:30 p.m. CT.

Buffalo vs. Dallas

7:20 p.m. CT.

New Orleans vs. Atlanta

I will start with my prediction:

Chicago wins, final score is 24 - 20

Dallas wins, final score is 20 - 17

New Orleans wins, final score is 24 - 14

That's my predictions, and now it's your turn. Post your predictions in the comment section below. 

Good luck and enjoy your day and remember everyday is a day for giving thanks. 

Terri Pattio

Founder, Syndication Express

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    NFL Football Scores - Thanksgiving day

    Chicago 24 Detroit 20 

    Buffalo 26 Dallas 15 

    New Orleans 26 Atlanta 18 

    As you can see I picked two right. 

    Your chance to win a week of banner advertising will be coming again soon. 

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