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Oh yes, I'm still celebrating the New Year and looking forward to all the blessings coming my way. I'm thankful for all my accomplishments in my life. 

I wish you all peace, happiness and prosperity in your life. 

I will kick things off with my favorite song.

It's called Sugaa Shack by Bigg Robb.

Now it's your turn, share your favorite music videos and celebrate 2020 with me. 

Additionally .50 will be added to the blog pool for every music video posted in this thread. 

When the blog pool reaches $15, one lucky member will win the money in the blog pool. 

Also leave a comment below to say what you're thankful for and what one good thing you want to happen in your life for 2020. 

No this is not a resolution, because I don't believe in them. I do believe in goals. 

My goal is to make Syndication Express the best blogging platform for bloggers, article writers and authors. 

This is the platform to get syndication for your blog posts and videos. 


Terri Pattio

Founder, Syndication Express

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