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Do YOU Pinterest?

If you don't, YOU should be. So what is Pinterest?

It's an online bulletin board where you can share your favorite things which you like on a bulletin board. People can repin your boards, this is a great way to advertise who you are. Pinterest has become very popular and is fast becoming the new online place to be. (Of course Syndication Express is zooming to the top as well.) Cheers!

I use Pinterest and have several boards which I have made.

You can check them out at the link below.

Please put your Pinterest link below and I will follow and repin your board onto mine.

You can check out my board at the link below:

My Pinterest board

Terri Pattio

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  • Pinterest is really interesting, very different from other sites I've seen.  I haven't gotten real involved in marketing there yet, but I do post my own and others' blogs on Pinterest.  The site is addicting!  When I go there, I have to be sure I have plenty of time!

  • Thanks Terri, this is great information! 

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    This is great information.

    20 Ways to get more Pinterest followers

  • I don't but I am going to start for sure

  • I do use Pinterest Terri.  I share blogs from others there, but mostly I use it for personal use.  I want to find more business uses for it though.

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    Great James I will follow your boards too. Have a great day.

  • Hey Terri..

    Yes Pinterest is great..

    thanks for the heads up I dig boards there...

    just clicked "followed you" at pinterest ...

    Feel free to check out mine:

    Here's my Pinterest Board Here

    Have an awesome one!

    Chris :)

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    If you have a Pinterest account, please share your boards here for everyone to see and we can all benefit greatly.

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    Looking good Ann.

    Ann Moses said:

    I update my Pinterestt board. Take a look.

  • Hi Ann. I get an error message with your Interest link

This reply was deleted.