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I just wanted share this article that I read yesterday for education on this subject. 

It's up to you to decide by doing your due diligence and research. This is how you can make an informed decision.


Click here to read the article now.

I look forward to seeing your comments about the information contained in the article titled

"The great 5G coronavirus conspiracy"


 Terri Pattio


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    Hello Terri, I think the article was very biased, which made immediately not believe the writer. she calls people conspiracy theorist who don't follow the Official story. She called the General Practitioner, an "Unknown" she sounded pretty hostile.

    I've read that the affects from the radiation we'll be getting from 5G mimics the signs of a virus. There are many people, doctors, scientist that attest to the danger of 5G. I don't trust the CDC or any of those Organizations. The FDA told us that cigarettes were "Safe". I think people should do their own research on this...seriously.
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      Thank you Robin for sharing your thoughts about the article I shared. We have to keep in mind that any article published on any subject is only the writers personal opinion and that people can become more informed by doing research and get educated. This makes us become critical thinkers to make an informed decision and become knowledgeable.
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    What you think about this?
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