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I have realized that we have a lot of members that are on IBOtoolbox. I have come up with a way for us to keep the IBO spirit alive and real on Syndication Express.

As a community we will help each other get more exposure and traffic to our press releases.

How you ask?

While on Syndication Express, YOU can simply come to this forum. Just scroll down to see all the press releases in this thread and find one or two to read, comment and share. This is IBO spirit on Syndication Express.

1. Read the press release by clicking their link.

2. Share it from their IBOsocial page and

3. Leave a comment on their IBOsocial page, this will push it back to the top of the wall on IBO (you will have to log into IBOtoolbox to comment). This is win win for us all.

4. You can leave a comment for them here so a person will know you did read their PR.

When posting your press release link. Please use the format below so it will look nice and neat:

Put the title of your press release [ example: MLM Training - A Review Of Cycler Programs, Facts To Consider Before YOU join ] - This is my latest press release posted on April 9, 2013.

Now you will hyperlink it by using the [LINK] button located at the top.

This will create a backlink to your IBOsocial page.

When you share the PR it is helping that member.

Okay let me know your thoughts on this. I look forward to your feedback.

**For those members who are not on IBOtoolbox, you can just click the link on any SE members IBOsocial page and join for free.

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