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Was Chiefs Chris Jones contract a win win for him? 


After thinking about this, I have come to the conclusion that it's probably not beneficial for him. 

It's a one year agreement, with mutiple incentives based on season performance. That being said, it's the owner that caused the holdout in the first place if they were going to give in and pay him anyway with such manipulations (not incentives) in the agreement.

You can read the article on ESPN.

I just don't believe this contract is beneficial for him, because of the incentives he must accomplish to get them. If he gets injured and is sidelined for more than a month or two then he is likely to lose all those incentives. You'll see what I mean after reading the article. 

The owners have the upper hand in this agreement. The Chiefs owners are the ones who extended the holdout while they were working on the specifics of the agreement. He is not the only player on the defensive team and how will this reflect on other players on the team. I'm sure some of the defensice players will not be liking it very much. Sounds like EGO and greed to me Chris Jones. What you think?

Time will tell who reaps the benefits of this agreement with the Chiefs.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Chris Jones agreement with the Kansas City Chiefs.




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    The fact that it is a one-year agreement makes me think that if he has a great season, this is a springboard, and, as you say, if he is injured or off his game, he will lose out.  Thank you, Terri.  

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      Exactly as I see it too. Kansas City is my team and I want them to have a winning season and win another Super Bowl. However if it's dependent on him to produce on field every game, it won't happen because there's ten other players on defense. It's not possible for one man to be on every game. This is just common sense, and the owners know this too.

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