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I am excited to share that my new training series, Slow Affiliate Marketing will begin soon on YouTube.  It is different in that it follows my way of doing things, except that it will be one step at a time, one affiliate at a time, one campaign at a time. 

The idea is to learn the process...slooowly-grin...get it down pat in my slow affiliate marketing series.  Once you have a handle on the process, then go to my level two series, where you will learn how to multiply your efforts by 10 or 20 times with almost the same amount of effort,  

To learn more, I invite you to visit my Sloow Affiliate Marketing Intro.

Thanks for reading, my friends. 

Much Success,

George Pierce

Internet Marketer Training Channel

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    I like what you're doing here. Education rules the nation. Keep it moving so people will learn about affiliate marketing. 

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