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Solve the puzzle below to win random prizes in the Syndication Express blogging community.


Beginning today October 16, 2019, there will be a puzzle posted here. You will be given 4 consonants letters and 2 vowels to start each new puzzle.  

The first person to guess the correct answer for the puzzle will win banner advertising (350x350 banner - side bar) on the site for one week.

Your banner advertising will be displayed on the main page (side bar - top, right) for all members and non-members to see.

If you believe you know the correct answer, just post it below. Don't add links about your business in this thread. They will will be removed and your answer too. 

The first person that gets the correct answer will receive a message from me and they can send me the banner image and target link.


Terri Pattio

Owner/Admin of Syndication Express


Puzzle 1:

H a w a i i (Winner - Michael Thompson)

Clue: Location?

Puzzle 2: 

Dallas Cowboys (Winner - Robin Robinson 10.19.2019)

Puzzle 3: 

D A N C I N G  W I T H  T H E  S T A R S (Winner - Nigel Barksfield   10/20/2019)

Clue: TV Show 

Puzzle 4: L A S  VE G A S  C A S I N O S (Winner - Nigel Barksfield 10./23/19)

Clue: Places

Puzzle 5: C O L O R A D O     S P R I N G S (Winner - Robin Robinson 11/1/19) 

Clue: Cities on the map

Puzzle 6: C R Y P T O T A B   B R O W S E R (Winner - George Pierce - 11/17/19)

Clue: What Am I?

Puzzle 7: T U R K E Y   A N D   D R E S S I N G (Winner - Robin Robinson - 11/23/19)

Clue: Foods we eat

Puzzle 8: S U P E R   B O W L    L I V   2 0 2 0 (Winner - Sandy Blomstrom- 12/8/19)  

Clue: Event

Puzzle 9: T W A S   T H E    N I G H T   B E F O R E   C H R I S T M A S (Winner - George Pierce - 12/17/19)

Clue: Phrase 

Puzzle 10: H A P P Y   V A L E N T I N E S    2 0 2 0 (Winner - Dimitrios Klonos - 1/27/20) 

Clue: Holiday





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    Twas The Night Before Christmas

    one of my favorites, thanks, Terri.

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    New letters added to Puzzle 9, can you solve the puzzle today? 

  • Top Commentor

    Hello Sandy, Congratulations for winning the puzzle!

    Sandy Blomstrom said:

    Super Bowl LIV  2020

    Solve the Puzzle to win banner advertising
    Solve the puzzle at the top of the page to win banner advertising in the Syndication Express blogging community. Beginning today October 16, 2016, th…
  • Top Member

    New letters added to the puzzle. Can you solved the puzzle today? When you solve the puzzle you'll get your banner advertising (468x60) displayed in the Syndication Express blogging platform for one week. 

  • Top Member

    Congratulations Sandy you answered correctly. 

    The answer is; SUPER BOWL LIV 2020 

    You have won a week of banner advertising on the SE platform. Be watching for a message from me. 

  • Super Bowl LIV  2020

  • Top Member

    Sorry Robin you answered incorrectly. Try again.  

  • Top Commentor

    I think I can solve the Puzzle.  Is it Super Bowl Lineup?

  • Top Member

    Yes you solved the puzzle Robin. The answer is Turkey and Dressing. 

    Congratulations to you and thank you for being a valued member in the SE blogging community. 

  • Top Commentor

    Is the answer be Turkey and Dressing?

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