Strength Comes From Struggles

Struggle is a clever devise through which nature compels us to develop, expand, and progress.  It is either a terrible ordeal or a magnificent experience depending upon one's attitude toward it. Success is impossible - unthinkable even - without it.

Most people try to go through life following the path of least resistance. They often fail to understand that this philosophy is what makes rivers crooked and sometimes does the same for humans.  Much like trees the strongest people are those protected the most;  the strongest people are those that have struggled against the elements - and survived.

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  • Thanks Kathleen,we learn and grow as we struggle through the process on our journey to success.

  • We definitely are strengthened by our struggles ... as long as we don't quit.  Thanks for sharing this, Kathleen.

  • Awesomely said thanks for sharing I I'm sharing God bless
  • Well said Kathleen, thanks for sharing.

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