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This is an exciting day for Syndication Express members. Beginning today January 13, 2015, all members blog posts will be shared to one of my Facebook groups.

The total members in this group is over 2,900+ and growing each day.

This means more eyes will see your content and this will bring traffic to your blog post you publish in the community.

I recommend that each member click the link below to join my group on Facebook. Also invite other bloggers and article writers that you know to join the SE community.

When you join my group this will give your blog posts more exposure. You will be able to share the post to other groups you you are in. This means massive exposure for your blog content. Keep in mind the post are already being shared in my group by me. I believe this is going to be great for everyone in the community.

My group is called "Post your blogs and article here for SEO!"


Syndication Express search traffic has increased, and this means that non-members are coming from the social sites and search engines too.

Let's make Syndication Express the place where bloggers and article writers come to get massive exposure, branding and network together as a blogging family of happy members.

In closing I want to tell everyone I'm blessed to know you. I am glad to have all of you in the Syndication Express community.

While you're here check out the Syndication Automation feature. All members blog post are being syndicated on the SE Facebook fan page, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.

What's next for Syndication Express? There's plenty more coming this year and the announcements will be posted here in the future. 

Respectfully yours,

Terri Pattio

Founder of Syndication Express


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    When you follow the SE business page on Google, this gives your post more exposure so more people can see it on Google. Also when you do a +1 on the blog post, this is a social signal and lets Google know that the content is great. So far SE is the only platform to do this. Let's give Google want they want... great content to index and rank in their search engines. We definitely got it in the SE community. Don't you agree? PLUS massive syndication! Thank you for your support Bruce and Sally.

    Bruce and Sally Witt said:

    Great news Terri!  Thanks so much for all you do.

  • GREAT Terri!  Followed the page and shared it to my ~4500 in my circle!

    You are the BEST.

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    It is recommend that all SE members follow the Syndication Express business page on Google. If you know other bloggers and article writers, invite them to follow the SE business page. It will give all member's blog post that are being shared there more exposure and when they go there and read, comment, share and +1 the post. It is a social signal and helps your post stay ranked and indexed since it is on their social site, they can't help but index and rank the content in their search engines.

  • Great news Terri and I know we are all glad to be here with you.

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    I am so excited about the progress of Syndication Express. I want this community to be place where all bloggers and article writers can come to brand their name, and get massive exposure to their content. Syndication is the way to make it happen. I believe this is going to great for everyone in the community. May everyone be blessed with success and prosperity in your life and business.

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    Thanks Sally. You are a dear. Have a great day!

    Bruce and Sally Witt said:

    confirmed, Terri!

  • confirmed, Terri!

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    Thanks Sally and may I ask you to do one more thing. Click here to confirm that I am the owner of Syndication Express. The widget install wouldn't work here and I must ask members to verify for me. Again thank you very much for your assistance. Have a great day!

    Bruce and Sally Witt said:

    Great news Terri!  Thanks so much for all you do.

  • Great news Terri!  Thanks so much for all you do.

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    I'm excited about this everyone. I hope you will be too. Have a great day. Please leave your comments and thoughts in this thread.

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