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Syndication Express members can post a 468x60 banner ad on the Syndication Express blog about their business for free. This will send you targeted traffic when you have a great banner with an awesome message that catches a visitors attention.

Banner size accepted are 468x60, the banner ad will begin displayed on Friday until Sunday at 11 p.m. CT

Banner size accepted are 125 x 125


The 125x125 or 468x60 banner Ads will run for 1 week on The Online Ad Network.  The 250x250 banners ads will be displayed on the SE blog, my personal blog, Homebizblogs for 24 hours.

All YOU need to do is add the image url and website url in the comment section below and it will be displayed on the SE blog beginning Friday and ending on Sunday. When you share the SE blog to your favorite social media site, you will give your banner ads massive exposure and targeted traffic worldwide. Just PM where you have shared the SE blog.

This is huge and I believe this will be great for us.

So leave your comment below with your image url for your banner ad and your website link.

CLICK HERE to share the SE blog and see where your banner ad will be displaying.

NOTE: I recommend that you submit your banner ads before midnight Thursday. First come, first serve.

Terri Pattio

Founder of Syndication Express

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