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The Power Of Shares And Likes

A Like is a fine social signals, and great for building up a fan base on Facebook.

FACEBOOK SHARES, however, are worth so much more!

If someone Shares your page or content then that share appears in their feed and gains you exposure to their friends as well!

SHARES act as a personal recommendations... and there are few more powerful things to us as web entrepreneurs as a personal recommendation...

Shares mean more traffic, more exposure, more attention and much stronger ranking signals...

Boost your shares for powerful ranking signals by using the Facebook LIKE button located at the bottom of each page on Syndication Express.


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  • Thanks for this tip Terri. Liked.

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    The name of the game is collecting likes and shares by giving people value for their time. In return you will gain viral exposure, more traffic when it gets shared by your friends on Facebook. Most importantly indexing and ranking in the search engines.

    This is why I added the FB like button located at the bottom of each page. When you like a blog post, photo or video on SE, and then click the Facebook like button below. You have just sent two social signals and this will help you for SEO purposes. Also when one of your friends likes it on Facebook it will be seen in the newsfeed again and you will get notification of this action. This is viral exposure and it means that your content will get seen by more people.

    It is wise to make use of the Facebook LIKE button on Syndication Express. 

    Thank you for input on this discussion.

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  • Terri I had to share this so many people do not understand the power of Facebook like and share button..

    Thank you for sharing.
    **Anna Perkins Affiliate & Network Marketer**

  • Very good Terri. Sharing and liking is imperative to demonstrate to prospective readers that our content is credible.
  • I know that it upsets a lot of marketers, who strictly expect folks to share everything that they post, and I won't do that on Facebook or Google+ (I don't have a problem doing it on my social-sharing Twitter feed, or on Digg, etc. But that is why I LOVE and appreciate this group. People here understand that if they post spammy ads, or focus on nothing more than their company, they're stuff isn't going to be shared. If they are posting about illegitimate companies and scams, like Hourly Rev Share, Rippln, Pure Leverage/Empower, I won't be sharing their stuff anywhere. But if they post quality content, like most of us do, I make sure to share either from the SEO FB page, from IBO Toolbox, or from here, (or a combination of all three), depending where I see the article first. 

    Excellent post, as always, my friend!

  • Totally agree with you Terri, great advice for any newbies.

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